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    • Pure 80s that hat although no self respecting human would have left the bobble on
    • The lads goalie kit arrived today    Shirt with A.Becker and No.1 on back, shorts with No.1 on and socks.   Absolutely spot on.   £15 .... took just over 2 weeks to come.
    • Some of Catchers recent musings, this cunt should be in an asylum, the mad cunt     catcherintherye said: This response I'm afraid is typically vapid and illogical. Your club and fans have a serious problem, and ridiculous ill thought through replies aren't going to solve the problem.

      You are a rotten racist club, to the very core. Go and read the culture that presided over the club in the 80's in Howard Gayle's book. The ridiculous nicknames for John Barnes. The KKK inspired parties for Gayle to have to attend. Then fast forward. The abuse of a black teenager who had to leave the pitch in tears due to monkey chants. The abuse of Evra (and lack of any apology, and mindless inane chants of calling him a "lying ******) from the crowd. The deliberate and provocotive championing of a racist, shortly after they were convicted of racism, and instead of wearing Kick it out T Shirts in an unprecendented move making him the emblem of the club.

      Think of the abuse and continued lies towards Mason Holgate for daring to bring an accusation of racism, and the inane racism that comes out of 99% of your suporters mouths when the laws and principles that Lawrence family fought so hard for are parodied and insulted by more white LFC supporters (and racists). Who on earth do fans of your club think they are, to make judgement on what the Lawrences have achieved? What on earth have your club and it's fans ever achieved that thinks they are in any kind of position to ever make a moral judgement on them and what they fought for?

      Then think of the gawping face of your owner, smiling and gafforing with the worlds leadign fascist Donald Trump and even giving him a signed Red Sox shirt. In just the same way apoligists did to Adolf Hitler all those years ago to help normalise a disgraceful regime.

      Think of the "no Fenians" graffiti, the secterian loyalist songs belted out from the Kop, the lack of any Irish Catholic players signed until the 1980's, the board that was set uplmost entirely of Orangemen and Tories with the intent of being a club made up of, and welcoem to only 1 section of the community. Think of how it was formed by the backs of wealthy tory landowners and the scabs of society who lacked the courage and basic sense of decency to do what is right, and run these people out of town.

      Think of the crowing around Thatcher, as she destroyed the city, pitching up for picture ops at every opportunity while the poeple in the city suffered. The arson attacks on cultural heritage sites. The urinating and graffiting of murals for Evertonians who've died then the fake news Evertonians do the same. That you have fan after fan oncomments pages defending the right of Rees Mogg and his scummy entitled kids to support Liverpool. The man who is now enabling a government to again decimate the life chances of people in the city whileyour fans defend him as one of their own.

      So I tell you what, why don't you get angry about just a single 1 of the multitude of unforgiveable examples I've given, and apologise for supporting such a racist, elitist and prejudicial organisation rather than trying to have a pop at someone who has taken the time to analyse the actions in an impartial and reasnable manner. There is no justification for what you and your sort do. You're an utter disgrace and a cancer on society.       Can you imagine running out to a song used by that tory, flag waving racist nonsense? If they did it with Z-cars I'd refuse them to use it, and if they did demand we changed. No way would I want to be associated with the sort of scum who attend night of the proms.

      You know that their core demographic (home county thatcherites) will be all over that, hence why it's been selected. It will fit in with the no blacks, no irish policy they ran for most of their existence.
          catcherintherye Player Valuation: £70m Forum Supporter August 25, 2020   Add bookmark #21,933 They've taken a black, middle eastern, Jewish anti-imperialist provacator and painted him as a white German. Essentially as they have no achievements in their own lives, they have to steal achievements of black people from the middle east.

          catcherintherye Player Valuation: £70m Forum Supporter August 25, 2020   Add bookmark #21,935 Is this LFC or night at the Proms? 

      On the 2nd point, this is the classic social bse of fascism isn't it? The lumpen proliteriat (blokes who urinate on memorials to those who have died) and the more squeezed middle sections (those cheer them on, and deflect from it). It's the same model.

      Everton has a proliterian core to it's fanbase. As Labone said 1=20. It's funny Trotsky actually said the same about proliterians compared to the base of fascism (said we were worth 20 of them).

      Once they start waving union jacks to YNWA though, they really ought to reflect who and what they are, which is very much English not scouse. They are invader in our lands, with a small handful of uncle tom scabs to cheer them on.    
      There's obviously different theories of what fascism is and how to identify it. I am most sympathetic to the one outlined their, which is essentially it developed an independent pole of attraction tht had a paradoxical position of doing aspects of what the elite wanted, but also existing as a threat in other areas. The social bae of the Nazi's (and indeed Mussolini's Fasci) were lumpen thugs and aspects of the middle class, at the lower end who felt "squeezed" above and below.

      LFC have a very similar dynamic in their support base. Lots of home counties types with range rover and a subscription to the Telegraph and the lumpen fools who try to torch iconic symbolsof a working class city, or urinate on memorials/graffiti them. Go and watch Tommy Robinsons visits to Liverpool, the crowds that go to watch him are full of LFC shirts. They're a racist club, with racist support (he himself went to Anfield, and no harm came to him, I suspect he was welcomed).

      As for the 2nd part, them and United are the establishment clubs. They're as establishment as Saville and Thatcher. Loads of tories support them, including now Rees Mogg. They are as English/British as the Union Jack. They are trying to colonise a working class city with their nonsense as well. They'll lap it up being on the Proms as well. There will be absolutely no calls for the club to distance itself from the establishment once YNWA becomes the new song of british imperialism at the Proms. Most of them will be dead chuffed they can asscoiate themselves to the mass murder of the British empire, as they hate Black people and Irish people.                                                                                    
    • https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/cant-enough-celtic-andy-robertson-13147115      
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