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    • No, they should have waited until the situation could be reassesed and not jump at the first chance they get to grab at financial help they don't need.  Greedy bastards, always have been. And not to "save face" whatever that means but to at least pretend to stay true to the clubs ethos and values past and present for the sake of the supporters who make LFC what it is.  FSG cunts. 
    • Can only hope that they have something else up their sleeve , huge donation to local NHS  workers or suchlike  ?   Jurgen won't be happy if this is the case alone 
    • This needs to be paid for and the people paying for it are the same people handing over their money every week. The same people will face higher taxes for the next 10 years to pay for this. I have rarely criticised FSG in the past but I hope John scrapes his boat the next time he sets sail. Prick.
    • You see you've bought into it. It's fsg's fault. Or whatever that prick of a CEO is called. LFC is no different to a large portion of businesses in this country. Because of this governments mismanagement of the health service for 10 years and their absolutele shit show at handling this crisis, their cash flow has gone. So what they were bringing in money a while back? You think that's not accounted for? If we end up not finishing the season and sky want their money back, clubs everywhere will be facing bankruptcy, although admittedly probably not ours. This fund off the government doesn't last forever, it lasts for 3 months. It's get it now or don't get it at all, yet the ramifications of this crisis could go on for many more months or years. Nobody is questioning any company who's taking this money, except those in the premier league. It's fucking double standards and the government themselves put it out in the media to get people critising football and worrying about what is on a national scale just pennies, when there's plenty we should be worrying about how this crisis is being handled. No PPE? Who cares, what are the footballers doing. Failing to test front line workers for covid? That's not a problem, some football clubs might do what the entire fucking country is doing and put people on furlough, oh and they'll still be on 100% wages.    I don't get what ynwa has to do with anything in this instance, you think John Henry is one of us? Everyone will take home exactly what they do today. Everyone is keeping their jobs. As someone pointed out earlier today, the club had already paid the stewards (and I assume other match day staff) up till then end of the season. The rest is just the Tories making you worry some fucking prick from Boston who's made his money out of the stock market has more obligation to the people of this country than Branson, Ashley, Martin and Langsam.     
    • You’d have thought Tony Barrett would be writing his letter of resignation tonight. 
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