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    • And has proportional arms?
    • Sure. 
        Pros: I love his baldy head. He’s a legend. I love him. 
      Cons: He’s absolutely criminally shite. He’s unfit. He clearly doesn’t give a fuck anymore. His stats are horrific. He would be terrible for us in goal. He’s 38 got n a few weeks. 
    • Was a genuine suggestion. I’m happy for you to disagree we can discuss the pros and cons for example.
    • If you’re going to troll, at least put some effort into it. 
    • The wording around "clear and obvious error" I think needs to change as well. At the minute you've got referees in the VAR room who don't want to overrule their colleagues on the field because in doing so, they're specifying that they've made a clear and obvious error - which sounds pretty damning (like it's a massive fuck up), and as it could easily enough be them on the receiving end the next week they don't like publicly embarrassing each other like that. At the same time the "clear and obvious error" creates a nice line in ambiguity which allows them not to get involved - so last night's farce can be explained away with a "yes it probably isn't a penalty but I can't say for absolute certain that it definitely, definitely isn't, so there's not quite enough evidence to call out my colleague as having made a clear and obvious error. A minor error at most, but not a clear and obvious one." Endless cycle of non-accountability.   Change the wording around what can and cannot be challenged to make a decision reversal less emphatic, and have specialist VAR officials who don't have to worry about VAR making them look like a tit on the field next week.   And in an ideal world, if the technology allows it (I'm no expert, this is just a thought), set the VAR room up so that the officials don't know the score or general match situation, and show them some sort of anonymised decision footage where they can't see faces or kits (as I say, know idea if this is even remotely feasible!). It'd add to their credibility if fans thought that they were making decisions in a completely neutral environment without any bias - conscious or unconscious - having even the slightest impact on their decision-making.
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