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    • Nothing wrong with Rafa out, he had not won anything since 2006.
    • That Greenwood kid is looking a good striker
    • We'll have to agree to disagree on that one. When there's no emotional attachment from the ownership, you're just heading to becoming any other entertainment company. Nothing is done for the benefit of the product and only for the quality of the balance sheet. You speak like major companies over the years have never failed because they were run by emotionless businessmen, except business is littered with far more failure than success.   Just because someone isn't emotionally attached does not make their decisions in the best interests of the product. I'm not doubting fsg are good businessmen I just think they're more interested in the balance sheet than the team sheet. And because of sports unique ability to have unwavering loyalty regardless of the quality of the product, it allows the ownership not invest as any other brand would have to. If Samsung stopped making good phones, people would just buy another brand, just as they did with Nokia or Motorola. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich are all owned by fans as far as I know, perhaps I'm wrong. In this country obviously the best "franchises" have been gobbled up by American businessmen because we didn't have the controls in place for that not to happen, in fact with allowing clubs to list on the stock exchange in the 80s and 90s we drove ourselves to this destination. The wealth in football is such now where it would feel impossible for a local guy to own it as it's out of the reach of virtually every British born person who lives in this country. These clubs are vehicles for making money for its shareholders just like Weetabix is. I'm not saying I don't realise clubs are out of the reach of fan ownership now. However it doesn't mean I don't wish for a different state of affairs. What's happening over at Wigan right now is another direct consequence of running sporting ventures for the benefit of those who have little or no interest in the product their company creates. 
    • Lovren would nearly improve united & they've spent over £100m on those clowns playing today.
    • Very, very much want this to happen. 
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