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Wiser posters, could you please help describe Sammy Lee as a footballer? He started two EC finals; one as an RM and one as a CM. I imagine he was a box to box type of midfielder then?

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Played mostly on the right. Hard working, not a winger. Just a good footballer not outstanding at anything from what I've seen and told.


Did a brilliant man marking job on Paul Brietner in a semi final against Bayern

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46 minutes ago, viRdjil said:

Never looked into McDermott’s career in any detail before... He sounds like a player.

Come on Ardja. This ranks close to your Phil Neal at left back post.

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6 minutes ago, John102 said:

Come on Ardja. This ranks close to your Phil Neal at left back post.

I was 2 when he hung up his boots. 

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    • Van Dijk = Football God. Best defender we've ever had. The strongest, best reader of the game, an amazing passer, scores with towering headers, never hides, organizes the defense like a special ops team and to top it all off he has waves in his hair. 
    • Holy shit what a massive cunt I am. Thanks Anubis and Howie. ~~smoke~~
    • Virgil Van Dijk says Liverpool were prepared for a stern test of their credentials when they came up against the free-flowing RB Salzburg side on Tuesday night.

      After surviving a storming fight back from the Austrian outfit in their game at Anfield two months ago, they knew that they were facing a team who do not fear anyone.

      Speaking after the game to the Official site after the 2-0 victory which sealed Liverpool’s passage to the knockout stages, Van Dijk was proud with the way his team came through.

      “We had to be ready - and ready for a very tough night because they are a good side.

      “They play a little bit similar to what we try to do, direct and try to get in behind the defence and stretch them. They did well.

      “We had to be ready and we dealt with it and then obviously at the end of the first half we had the opportunities to score for 1-0, maybe 2-0 with Naby but unfortunately we didn't do that.

      “In the second half we were very mature and played a great second half."

      Despite the scores locked at 0-0 at the half time interval, it was a first half full of captivating and free flowing Football.

      With the game still on a knife-edge, Van Dijk said it was all about showing their quality when it truly mattered.

      “The belief is always there but you have to show how much you really want it.

      "I think especially the second half we can look back good on. 

      “The goals we scored were very good, the whole second half I think everyone looked comfortable.

      “Obviously at times they broke on us and that's the quality they have as well and you have to give them credit for that, too, and we dealt with it pretty well."  

      Van Dijk was clearly delighted for Naby Keita who opened the scoring against his former side and hoped it was the start of something special for the 24 year-old midfielder.

      "It was a big night for him and I'm very happy for him to be that important and hopefully he can keep being important like the rest of the boys.

      “He's a very good player and we all can see that and today he showed it with the goal as well."

      The talismanic defender poked fun at the profligacy of Mo Salah on the evening, saying it was all part of his plan to keep the fans on the edge of their seats.

      “He could have made it a little bit easier for us tonight!   "I told him that as well, that he tried to make it a little bit more excited for the crowd maybe.

      “He missed a chance in the first half, a big one, but you see his goal in the second half and that's the quality he has got, like the rest of the players.

      But Van Dijk saved his highest praise for his captain in Jordan Henderson.

      He is a fantastic player, a fantastic captain and everyone is looking up to him and he is very important for us,"

      “Like him, we have everyone that we need, and today he was very important with the assist and also in the game as well."

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    • I didn't mean to put Everton  I meant arsenal 
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