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No I’m not adding loads of conditions to it, every time you try to make stupidly hard drafts no one plays. The best draft we had recently by far was the World Cup one which had loads of interaction because it was relatively easy. Making people choose between Biscan or Diao is just depressing. If they’ve played for LFC they’re eligible. 


If someone wants to make a post on the FF they can but I’m not sure whether we’re meant to now we’ve been fucked off to this weird little sub-forum. 


I’ll message LFD on Twitter.

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You could possibly put up a thread on the FF that isn't open for replies (if that's possible), explaining what we're doing, with a link to this thread to register interest. 

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Think Dave or a mod would have to do it to make no replies an option.


I think this will be hard enough anyway. Hopefully we’ll have at least ten players. If you make a list of our top ten keepers, top ten left backs, even top ten centre backs and central midfielders the difference between number one and number ten on that list will be huge. 

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Cant see anyone else joining to be honest. If they do then they can just latch on to the back?


Rapey get this show on the road. I've got a list of our worst ever players just to keep up the tradition of me being utter fucking turd at this. 

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Sound. Give me five and I'll get it up and running. There are no exclusions, only criteria is that they must have played for LFC in the league, but fair warning: the longer you go back for players the less likely people will know much about them which might affect your votes. I'm talking about pre-shankly players in the main.

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11 players on this one? Should make it a good, competitive game once past the first 3 or 4 picks. Being at the tailend of the picks definitely an advantage on this one I think - given the gulf in quality between our top 20 or so players and those thereafter.

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