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    • They have already started the revolution by signing a new contract with the soon to be 32 year old Nemanja Matic - locking down this silky midfield lynchpin until he will be 35. You see them winning the CL??
    • That post is full of bitterness and desperate flailing.   Like the silly 'rivals headquarters' shout....that in itself is born of the need to try and make themselves feel better because they have an office in that iconic building.....thing is so do fucking law firms, banks and food companies.   But to your bitter it is suddenly 'theirs' a building that has been around for over 100 years and is famous the world over is theirs because the majority shareholder at their club is a partner in the conpany who bought it.   It's a landmark in the City of Liverpool and that is what it is known as and always will be, nobody really associates it with Everton FC, much less as their HQ, but even more importantly no Liverpool supporter really gives a shite anyway, but their inferiority complex means they feel the need to make it an issue to the point where beauts like that whopper try and make out we 'went to celebrate outside their HQ' as some kind of deliberate classless act.   The rest of his senseless rant, fuelled by bitterness and looking desperately for likes off other idiots is pretty standard bitter logic recycling the same empty shite that eats away at them and is just the rhetoric they use to try to feel better with.   As for that twat with the wall post - just another sad, sad classless prick who is too consumed by us to see just how low using the deaths of people at football to score points on the internet really is.   It must be fucking horrible to be so consumed by bitterness towards your rivals as they are, and the mental gymnastics they go through to try and find a way of coping is pitiful....the louder they protest, the more they try and justify, the more they attempt to claim the moral high ground - the more bitter they look and become.
    • What an absolute fool you are.   You would never find me saying something so stupid.          
    • Incredible year.
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