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Report: Reds re-enter Coutinho race

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1 hour ago, elvis said:

Just out of interest , how was he any worse than Suarez ? 

Suarez never went missing with ‘back injuries’ or tried to disrupt the dressing room when he was told no. Instead he got his head down and produced a fantastic season that nearly led to us winning the league.

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9 minutes ago, viRdjil said:

I’m not convinced by him from what I’ve seen. Real languid type.

I'd dispute that, mate - he moves the ball on much quicker than Coutinho, something Mane and Salah would love. He links really well with the wide players possibly because he can play wide and has experience there himself. He seems comfortable in physical battles, so less likely to go into his shell than little Phil. He's a lot younger too. Using the SteveO metric - he has not reached his peak of 27; whereas we can anticipate a massive drop-off with Coutinho, and should be worried, really worried if we sign him (Coutinho).


He's a bit lanky, so yeah, maybe looks languid!

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3 hours ago, Bad Red Bull said:

Suarez didn't try to leave in the middle of the season, didn't make up excuses to miss games for us, gave his all in his last season. For me, both of them are cunts but I would respect Suarez just a bit higher than Cuntinho. 

Plus Suarez was a much better player, and more consistent with it.

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We had Barca's kecks down and gave them a good hard arse shagging with the deal we got for Coutinho. Nobody in their right mind would give Barca anything like the fee we got for him. I wouldn't take him back at half the price.


Just lifted this from the echo. Let's hope it's true.



Yesterday reports in France claimed Liverpool could re-sign Philippe Coutinho.

Today, reports in Spain say no such luck.


I don’t know what to believe! Well I do, it ain’t happening so let’s run with this Spanish report.

Mundo Deportivo claim sources close to the Brazilian have told them that any reports saying he’s returning to Liverpool are untrue.


They also claim he has three offers - Chelsea, Manchester United, and PSG.

Much like his Anfield exit, it looks like this one will run and run...


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Guest Pistonbroke
13 minutes ago, Agt Provocateur said:

The number of "sources" still reporting that Chelsea are interested in X, Y and Z Players is scary. 

Yeah, it's like the lazy journalists don't understand what the 'Ban' entails or more than likely want to fill pages. 

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