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dave u

Fanzine Summer Issue captions

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On ‎17‎/‎06‎/‎2019 at 13:13, dave u said:



"I don't know why people keep writing in mildly xenophobic Scottish accents? I'm quite well spoken actually"

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On ‎17‎/‎06‎/‎2019 at 13:23, dave u said:



"So just hold my hand walking out on to the pitch and then follow the other mascots back to the sideline when we saw so"

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55 minutes ago, dave u said:


" Hey lads give me a lift with this thing will ya or i'll shit myself !!!!! Grrrrrrrr"

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Robbo: "Hey, Leo, where's Big Virg walking off to with yer Ballon D'Or, lad?

Messi: "What did you say?"
Ref: "Now now Mr Robertson, that's not nice"








Jurgen keeps his eye on all the sports


Klopp: "I spoke to Pep last night after the Spurs game, we had a good chat"

Journo: "How is he?"

Klopp: "Out!"






Virg: "Hey Robbo, can you imagine some of the shite that teams are going to buy from Scotland because of us".





As Liverpool win number 12 at the 2025 Final in Qatar it's easy to see the benefit of all that free Nivea













JH: "Adam, hurry up and take the photo, man. Then we can bin this off and get a Full English"






Suarez was working overtime to get a reaction


LS: "John Smith would have made a terrible Prime Minister"







Quiet moment of connection from two International captains


Messi: "I mean, seriously, I fly all the way over there and then it's fucking amateur hour, every time"

Robbo: "Mate, tell me about it. At least you've got a chance with your lot. Have you seen Scotland recently?"






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4 hours ago, lifetime fan said:

Harry Kane just missing out on a hole in one...


There’s loads of scope for this! 





Slobbychops: You can't give me two chances to get a hole in one.

Big Chris and Barry the Baptist: No 'arry, we can't.


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