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Featured: That was the week that was (Jun 1-7 2019)

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Saturday Jun 1:


Virtually everything I wanted to say about today will be in the match report, but there is one thing I probably won’t touch on too much. It goes without saying I was deliriously happy at what went down tonight, but there was another emotion I was feeling more than anything else. Relief. 


For the first time that I can remember, the fear of ending up empty handed was stronger than the desire to just win it for the sake of winning. Not winning this game tonight would have really taken some serious getting over, and not just because we've had so many near misses over recent years.


Losing to Spurs would have been bad enough for all sorts of reasons, but ending THIS season with nothing after all the incredible things this team has done? It would have just been brutal. That's our trophy, it doesn't feel right when another English team gets their grubby paws on it.


Then there’s the piss taking we’d have been subjected to every single fucking week next year. It would have been so hard to deal with, so getting the win tonight was just massive for us. I wish I could have just enjoyed it for the sake of just enjoying it (like Istanbul), but like I say, I think relief was the emotion that trumped everything tonight.


I’m relieved for Klopp that he no longer has to listen to that “serial loser” shite. Now he's just be described as world class manager without the 'but' at the end. That 'but' should not have been there anyway, but for a lot of people it was. Now it's gone.


I’m relieved for Hendo that he’s captained a European Cup winning side and now has validation against all the unfair shit he takes. No-one deserves it more than him.


I’m relieved for Milner that when he eventually leaves us (hopefully no time soon) he can say he won something big, because to me he’s an Anfield great and it wouldn’t have been right for him to have no ‘legacy’ to leave behind. Now he does, even though he didn’t start tonight. He’s the man who smashed into Neymar and Messi and showed he doesn’t give a fuck about reputations. Now he’s a European Champion and his legend will live on for generations.


I’m relieved for us too. Just look at the amount of shit we took this year despite getting 97 points. Not just from the usual suspects either. Everyone seemed to want a laugh at our expense. It started in Kiev and they all got a taste for it. 


What are they gonna say now? Fucking nothing, that’s what. Some will try, but there’s really nothing anyone can throw at us now that won’t be immediately shot down with “We are the Champions, Champions of Europe” chant. Not even City can lord it over us now. Nobody gives a fuck about their treble, not even themselves. That’s why they were singing about us after they won.


They’re obsessed, and seeing us do what they haven’t been able to is only going to fuel that obsession. We’ve boiled everyone’s piss tonight but I’ll enjoy that aspect of it in due course. For now, I’m just breathing a huge sigh relief and looking forward to a summer of basking in the glow of being Kings of Europe once again.


Boss isn't it?

Sunday Jun 2:


Wow. I knew the parade would be incredible, but it was way beyond anything I was expecting. I don’t have the vocabulary to sum it up. All I can say is there are very few places in the world where you would see something like we experienced today, and hardly any outside of South America (or Turkey). Naples could probably pull it off, but there’s nowhere in England that could even come close. 


It’s hard to explain exactly why that is, but it’s definitely true. Who else could even come close? United are the only ones who can match us for the size of support but they could only dream of something like this. The club slogan “This Means More” is cheesy and it’s that kind of thing that contributes to why so many hate us. It’s also 100% true though. It does mean more. We saw that today.


I was in town and I’ve never seen so many people in my life. There were Reds EVERYWHERE. It was mad. I didn’t see a single Everton shirt in town, which surprised me as although most of them understandably locked themselves away or left town for the weekend, you normally get a few who want to pay their respects and a few who just want to show their defiance. I didn’t see any though.


The atmosphere when the bus came into view was electric. It wasn’t like being at the match, it was a different kind of buzz, but it was spine tingling. The bus emerged through a cloud of red smoke and there's Robbo and Milner hanging over the rail and banging on the front, singing Allez Allez Allez. All the players were giving it loads as they went past, it was fucking incredible. I hadn’t seen anything that had happened prior to that but when I got home I was watching the four hour youtube of it until about 3am.


I couldn’t take my eyes off Klopp during that period when he was sat at the back of the bus acting daft. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. This is probably the greatest manager in the world, a fella in his 50s, in a position of authority and who is greatly respected and admired, and he’s sat there, shitfaced, baseball cap on back to front, almost falling off the back of a moving bus.


One of his teenage players even had to ask him if he was ok. Who else would do that? More to the point, who else could do it without looking like a prize tit? As it is, it was mostly just greeted with a laugh and a shrug and a "typical Jurgen, off his head".


He’s completely unique. There’s no-one like him. He commands respect and his players won’t take liberties, but at the same time they all love him and he’s more of a lad than any of them. The counting to six and then the goofy grin, that’s one of the most iconic things you’ll ever see. No-one else would have done anything like that. No-one else would have been able to pour beer on a teenager without having a word of criticism levelled at them. 


I could write all day on this as there were so many moments worthy of mentioning from today, but I’ll leave it at that other than to make the point that even though everyone knew today would be something momentous, it surpassed most, if not all, expectations. And the significance of that could benefit us big time over the next few years. 


I mean, think about it. What player in that squad would even consider leaving after this? Where else would they get a day like this? Combine that with how good the team is, how loved the manager is, and anyone that would even consider going somewhere else would have to be fucking mental. Especially when you see what happened to poor li’l Phil. What must he have been thinking today?


At this moment in time, if you were to do a poll of professional footballers all around the world and ask them if they could play for any team in the world right now, I’d be amazed if Liverpool didn’t come out on top. We could probably sign any player that was on the market this summer if we wanted to (De Ligt is probably the hottest available player, and I bet he’d walk over broken glass to come here if we asked him to), but the way Klopp has been talking I’m getting the feeling he doesn’t want anyone. 


He just wants to keep this entire group together (barring the couple of obvious, out of contract, exceptions). Whatever he wants to do is fine by me though. Fucking hell, he can do whatever he likes as he’s earned the right. It would be a little frustrating if we didn’t take advantage of all this though.



This is just a teaser, click to view the full article


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The closest anyone has come to it is Kane, but unfortunately for him ‘dribbled on’ isn’t the same as ‘dribbled past’ and Opta don’t keep records for that. Not yet anyway.


Repped just for the above para

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That Kane line may the best thing I've ever read. 


Sessegnon would be worth a punt as back up left back as he could also get minutes in the front 3 and is young enough to accept a bit part role. Could bring him on in games we have wrapped up for a run out and rest Robbo for the odd game against the dross. His potential is pretty high too so well worth a gamble.

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Plus it stops Spurs or the Mancs landing him too.


I actually think a 'utility' option is best for the back up to Robbo role. A specialist left back who can't play anywhere else will never get a get game.

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14 hours ago, Red_or_Dead said:

Rashford a 'great player' ?!  He's a good player alright but wouldn't say he's great!

Threw him in to make up the numbers.

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We could get Griezmann, if reports are true Messi does not want him at Barca. He would fit our style, works hard, scores and assists. Perfect back up for Robbie ....

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There has to be some signings come in ..we can't have Robbo playing 30+ games in the league next season ....likewise the front 3 . We've been very very lucky with injuries ,especially up front and the drop off in quality is vast whenever one of the front lads are missing or off form. Huge missed opportunity if we don't strengthen now. As Sir Bob used say its imperative that strengthen from a position of strength

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