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    • Kolo Toure believes he has identified the weakness in the game of Virgil Van Dijk.   The big Dutch defender has been without peer over the past few years, making life a nightmare for those who comes up against him while making those around him better players.

      Managers all over Europe would have had many sleepless nights as they try to find ways to bring him undone but have not had much luck in doing so.

      However the former Arsenal, Man City and Reds defender believes he knows what can challenge him the most.

      Toure told Stats Perform News (via the Mirror:) 

      "He's an unbelievable player.

      "He's a top player. He's got speed, height, he can jump. He's got technique. He can switch the game with his long passes. He has got everything.

      “I haven't seen many players challenge him one on one. 

      "In my opinion, that's his weakness!   "He's really tall and if you really attack him with the ball, he can struggle, but he's so clever.

      "He's so clever because he drops well, but if you are really aggressive in attack in a one-on-one, I think you can get something from him.

      Toure who is presently an assistant coach at Leicester believes he also has got quality players who are strong in support.  

      "He's a really clever player.   "He's got Joe Gomez on his side, good players on his side to help him as well. There are good players around him and I think that makes his game easy, but I think he's got so many qualities."

      As champions, you expect to read more and more analysis of the Liverpool players and the tactics needed in how is the best way to dethrone us.

      But there is no doubt that Jurgen and rest of the squad will be more than prepared for anything that comes their way.

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    • We're obviously not going to sign anyone.  Klopp has already said it. The club don't know exactly how much they're going to lose from the Covid situation, and until that sorts itself out they are not going to countenance any spending. FSG won't put the club in big debt and they won't float any of their own money in to cover it either.  
    • That's exactly what I think. 15-20m net if we are lucky, and only because by that point we've shifted half the squad and taken 200m off the wage bill - so it's really just us breaking even. We won't be bringing anybody in who commands notable wages.
    • Not too great given their interest in the 18yr old Real madrid left back, Rugelio I think who was voted the best left back in their league last year.
    • If Kante is injury prone Henderson is Lallana.
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