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Featured: That was the week that was (May 4-10 2019)

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Saturday May 4:


Newcastle 2 L 3 Bloody hell, it’s a good job there’s only one more week of this as I can’t handle it. The roller coaster of emotions just leaves you shattered. I started this game confidently, thinking we’d smash them. We went one up and I thought “yep, that’ll open the floodgates”. Then we conceded and I knew it was going to be one of those wild ones. 


You can tell, can’t you? There’s just something about how the game starts to go where you know it’s one of those Palace 3-3 or Norwich 5-4 type games. This one didn’t quite turn out like that but it could have done as chances came at both ends. When it went to 2-2 and Mo got carried off, I won’t lie to you, I was utterly despondent. At that moment I’d given up. The brave run coming an end here of all places, against these fucking deluded, annoying fucking morons? Honestly, I felt like crying.


And then up pops Big Div again to save the day. Ultimately it’s almost certainly not going to count for anything, but if City win it then let them win it, don’t give any of these other fucking dickheads the opportunity to gloat over ending our title hopes. Let’s just win our games and fuck everybody else and what they think. 


I love these lads, they’ve done us proud and it breaks my heart that they’re going to end the season with nothing. I feel worse for them than I do for myself (and I feel pretty fucking bad for myself!). They shouldn’t have to face that disappointment after everything they’ve given us this year, it’s completely unjust. Football is an absolute twat, just a proper cruel bastard.


Meanwhile, shots fired by some tool at the Guinea FA. "The adductors [injury] is two to three weeks of unavailability. The Liverpool coach has to pull himself together, let the doctors do their job. Naby Keita belongs to a state before belonging to Liverpool. I remind the Liverpool coach a little bit of the rules if he does not know it. So it's hasty and pretentious to make statements like this. What we do know is that Naby Keita will play at the African Cup of Nations 2019."


Belongs to a state before he belongs to Liverpool. Err no, he doesn’t ‘being’ to anybody but we pay his wages so that gives us more say than you, soft lad. If it was a 2-3 week injury then Naby would still have a chance of being fit for the final, should we get there, but no-one has mentioned that so clearly it’s a long term thing. International football needs to fuck off. Bet they call him up and make him play injured.


Sunday May 5:


Mad how the top four race turned out. Spurs did all they could to blow it but Arsenal somehow managed to out-Spurs them, while United have just remained in their sixth placed comfort zone all season. They couldn’t even beat Huddersfield. What a bunch of useless lazy overpaid bastards. Great isn’t it?


Meanwhile, not good news on Mo. He’s almost certainly out for Barca because of the concussion rules that don’t allow you to play for seven days (I think it’s seven, not sure). Why does this shit keep happening to us at the worst possible times? Mo is never injured but he goes off against Madrid in the final and now he’s ruled out of a semi against Barca. Not to mention Bobby has also been ruled out. When does he ever get injured? Never, that’s when.


I mean fucking hell, I’ve ran my mouth about what we’d do and had to wait two years for us to get this chance to play Barca, and when it comes around we lose Bobby for both games and Mo for the second leg. With a full team I maintain what I’ve always said - we’d take them apart as they just wouldn’t be able to cope with our speed and intensity. It wasn’t a full team last week and it will be even less of one tomorrow. We just can’t catch a break in these big games. There’s always something. That said, I still give us a 20% chance because it’s Anfield and because our style is like Kryptonite to Barca. Can’t see them not scoring though, that’s the problem.


Klopp and his players have been as close to perfection this season as it’s humanly possible to be and it almost certainly still isn’t going to be enough to win something. Not unless Leicester can do something for us tomorrow.



This is just a teaser, click to view full article


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Fuck the Guinea FA these are the same cunts he was playing for when he got injured and a fellow teammate had to carry him off the pitch.


I don't like international football in general but I really hate the African Cup of Nations

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On 12/05/2019 at 14:02, Mikhail said:

Fuck the Guinea FA these are the same cunts he was playing for when he got injured and a fellow teammate had to carry him off the pitch.


I don't like international football in general but I really hate the African Cup of Nations

I'd forgotten about that.

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23 hours ago, dylstar said:

You reap what you SEW......???????

Deffo pissed when you wrote that!!!

I was questioning myself on that but was too lazy to look it up.

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    • Lee Bowyer and John Terry with big roles in the play-offs this season.   Proof that good guys can still do well. 
    • Yes, and not a cult hero. Biscan was a cult hero. The Greek was a cult hero.    Players that are sound, not quite good enough, but sometimes put in good performances are cult heroes.   He's far too good for that.   Mind you, we had the fucking thread about Kuyt being a cult hero.   Still freaks my nut out to this day.
    • Unless we've broken him too and he can't function.    Probably keeps waking up in a cold sweat, and Shakira says "what's the matter babe, Origi again? Or it is Wijnaldum this time?"
    • Saturday May 18:   What a farce. City beat Watford 6-0 in the cup final. 6-0!! In a cup final. The FA will be fuming but this is partly on them. And UEFA. And the PL. And the media members who have said nothing about the shit being pulled by City and their hideous owners.     I didn’t watch it but when I heard the score I just laughed. I said in the Wolves match report I hoped City put ten past Watford because it might finally dawn on people just how they’re ruining English football. Because we were so incredible this year it deflected away from what they’ve done.    City complained incessantly about the good press we got but they should have been on their knees kissing our feet because if we hadn’t ran them so close they’d have won the league by January and all the talk would have been of how they’ve ruined the competition in this country with their illegal spending.   All the knobs who cheered for them because it stopped us winning the league, were they cheering for them today too? Evertonians were, obviously, but what about the rest? This affects you too, arsewipes. City have won five of the last six domestic trophies. You should be upset about this too. This isn’t Liverpool’s fight, it’s everyone’s (not you Everton).   What was great about today was that they did the treble and nobody gave a fuck. They expected people to be lauding them for their achievement, but aside from some fawning from journalists who should know better, they didn’t get it. In fact, what they got was snark.  I saw some belting tweets from Nick Harris, Rob Harris and Miguel Delaney, and Rob Harris even opened up the press conference by grilling Guardiola on whether he’d been paid ‘off the books’ the same way Mancini had. Well done that man.   Of course Guardiola saw his arse and was giving it the “we’ve just won the treble and you’re asking me this? Now? Really?” routine. No denial though, tellingly. Thing is, when was he supposed to ask the question? The story has been in the news this week and if it wasn’t asked now, then it would have to wait until August when he does his next press conference. And if that press conference was at City then the question would have been shot down anyway. He first asked it last November and still hasn’t had an answer.   So this was the perfect time to do it and Guardiola’s reaction said it all. He’s rattled. He knows that the easy ride he’s had about City’s business practices is coming to an end. UEFA are after them, and if and when they actually do something then the PL will surely follow suit at the urging of the other clubs (not you, Everton).   So well played to the national journalists who have gone after them today, and shame on those who haven’t. Hopefully today is a turning point.
      Sunday May 19:
      Real Madrid lost 2-0 at home to Betis today and Bale was left on the bench. They must have some team if they don’t need to bring him on. They finished third though, so how good must Barca and Atletico be? Wait, we smashed Barca so how good must we be??    It’s mad though, I just don’t get the way he’s treated over there. They really hate him don’t they? It makes no sense. I mean yeah, he’s injured a fair bit and probably isn’t worth the salary they pay him, but it’s the hostility that I just don’t get. The fans never want to give him any credit and now Zidane is desperate to force him out. Probably hair envy.   At any other club in the world, with the possible exception of the equally odious Barcelona, he’d be idolised for life after what he did in the CL Final last year. Yet he barely even got any credit for it from them.   He didn’t do the lap of appreciation with his team-mates after the game today and instead just went straight down the tunnel. He shouldn’t have done that. It was the wrong thing to do and I think he should have handled things a lot better.    The correct thing to do would have been to go out there and walk around the field… waving a white hankie at all those ungrateful, spoilt, entitled fucking dickheads.   My guess is he ends up back at Spurs now. What other choice is there? He’d be an idiot to go to United and I doubt any of the other top clubs over here would be interested, given his age, salary and fitness record. If he were a couple of years older he’d be nailed on for West Ham.    Meanwhile, Gerrard has made an offer to loan Ryan Kent for another year. Liverpool have played a blinder with this kid. He’s always had talent but his loan spells haven’t generally worked out too well, which meant his value wasn’t particularly high. This loan at Rangers though has done the trick and he’s now valued at around £15m (or £30m if we can get Eddie Howe interested).   If anyone offers that kind of money then I suspect he’ll be sold this summer, but if not then let him have another year at Rangers to increase his value further. They’ve apparently lined up Sheyi Ojo as an alternative if they can’t get Kent, so maybe he’ll be worth millions this time next year too, unless Nice Guy Eddie wants to bung a few quid our way for him now.   We’re doing a great job buying players these days but we might be even better at selling them. Look at how much the value of Kent, Wilson, Grujic and Herbie Kane has increased this year. You can’t win them all of course, and Ojo and Ejaria haven’t done themselves much good this year, but overall the club is doing a top job increasing the value of players who might not have a future here.   Wilson reportedly has nine teams chasing him, most of them top flight sides, and is rated at £25m (or £50m if we can get Bournemouth involved). He’s the one (along with Grujic) who I feel it might be a mistake to sell. All of those PL sides who want him, let one of them have him on loan and let’s see how he does.    Meanwhile, more talk of us being in for De Ligt. As I keep saying, there’s no way on earth we are spending that kind of cash on another centre back when we already had the best defensive record in Europe and are well stocked at the position with four senior centre backs, Fabinho as cover and the prodigiously talented Ki-Jana Hoever pushing hard for a first team squad place too. De Ligt would be ace, but it’s not happening.   Speaking of centre backs, Kompany has announced he is leaving City to become player/manager of Anderlecht. Good riddance. Fuck off bulb head.   This is just a teaser, click to view the full article   Please note that 'the Week that Was' is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here. 
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