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Barcelona (H) Champions League Semi Final 2nd Leg 7/5/19

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.. and it the fourth! the fourth goal! the fourth goal! the fourth goal from a set piece, the fourth goal from a set piece, I'm almost going crazy I'm almost losing my mind you football you crazy thing! the fourth from origi, the fourth from origi, the fourth from origi, two origi two wijnaldum. The liver is in the metropolitano. the number one is the manager jurgen klopp oh messi. not possible. in the 78 minute a burning goal, a goal that burns will come at the end of the game as i said . 4 - 0 look at the deceitfulness. a crawling defense, a fasting defense, a dizzy defense, a defense hit by dizziness! they played the corner. Arnold you deceitful Arnold you deceitful. the deceitful way of iniesta gave origi a ball in the net 4 - 0, 4 - 0 for liverpool, 4 - 0 for liverpool, liverpool oh liverpool what you did is gigantic.


note: "the deceitful way of iniesta" is a reference to one of his commentaries where he kept saying "football is deceitful,deceitful deceitful deceitful deceitful" until iniesta scored the goal that knocked chelsea out.


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On 07/05/2019 at 23:41, AngryofTuebrook said:

Here are my post-match musings that I've just put on Facebook.





This picture is from 13th December 2015. Fans of other clubs love to share it to have a good laugh at Liverpool.


But let's remember the context.


Jurgen Klopp had noticed a tendency at Anfield for the fans to get nervous, impatient and moany whenever things were going against the club. He spoke publicly of the need for the players, manager and fans to all pull together, especially when times got tough.


Shortly afterwards, the Reds surrendered a lead and found themselves 2-1 down at home against West Brom. But instead of the usual eye-rolling and "here we go again" groans, the whole ground got behind the team. The players kept going and finally got an injury-time equaliser.


Klopp and the players acknowledged the part that the crowd had played in helping the team to salvage a point.


Ever since then, fans of other teams have chosen to misrepresent that moment as a celebration of a home draw against a pretty poor team. Oh, the laffs they've all had!


But the truth is that that moment was a watershed. It cemented the bond between the fans, the players and the manager - each trusting the others and relying on each other to overcome adversity together.


And payback for that simple gesture at the end of a frankly awful game is unforgettable, magical occasions like tonight. The kind of thing that other teams can't begin to dream of.


Keep laughing, folks!


Origi scored the late goal against the Baggies, too!


6 hours ago, J-V said:


Mane at 5minutes, hahaha mad fucker.


"To be continued" Is right.

I'm feeling smug at Jurgen talking about West Brom in connection with the Barcelona game.

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3 hours ago, Bad Red Bull said:

Nice one mate!!


Their body language at half time. JUST WOW!!

Even before the game it was bad!!!  Messi was saying the right things...just not in the right way.

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Driving home with my missus on New Year’s Eve afternoon, after dropping my daughter off with her mum after a lovely day at Whitby, and we got chatting about best bits of the year.


shed seen about 6 films in her life before we met, which included love actually and all 3 Bridget Jones films, so I’ve introduced her to actually good films so my first question was “Bes film you’ve seen this year?” I think she said In the name of the Father.


So she asked next “best moment of the year” which I felt was a bit general but I then just went straight into “corner taken quickly... ORIGI”.


I was then pleased to realise that not only was it the best moment of the year, but that I was on my Todd for it. Perfect.

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