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    • 'FSG fan boys'? Yeah whatever. Must get onto john henry for an increase on the shill money. And some people running around telling others to 'grow up'?
    • Didn't realise Moore had been moved on - came across as a bit of a muggins in his short time here and always seemed an odd fit beginning with the "If your next door neighbour puts £50,000 into his greenhouse will you spend 50,000 quid on a greenhouse? No." soundbite. Can't have been up to much to have been moved on so quickly.    
    • Klopp's trying to force Robbo out.
    • this is an interesting part of this. as i have been saying on here for years and was shouted down by the fsg fan boys, commercially we were turned around when ian ayre joined the club and really drove that side forward. our issue was making him CEO.            Mo Chatra   @MoChatra · 13h   Contrary to misleading reports, Liverpool were a strong performer on the commercial front even before FSG took over the club in October 2010; during the 2009/10 season, Liverpool's commercial revenue was second only to United's in the PL with the gap between the two clubs of £19m Moore was a cheer leader. He had no football or commercial responsibility. The bloke who has been responsible for out commercial revenues since 2012 is the new CEO. Looking at this graph, you can see very easily how Ed Woodward is bullet proof to his pay masters in america despite their down turn in performance on the pitch.    That will leave only commercial where Liverpool will still need to make headway before they can overtake United on the revenue front. This graph below shows the commercial revenue of both clubs over the ten seasons between 2009/10-2018/19 (figures from company accounts):     We're pretty poor performers on social media though I think and when people are buying sponsorship, that is one of the things that drives revenues up. It's not a be all and end all as I understand there's very specific ways LFC fans can be targeted which makes them more valuable per fan. Up until the last year or so we we're only around 10th. That's improved since we've won things (not 6th), but we're staggeringly behind chelsea (and this time last year were behind arsenal) and only around 60% of the following salford do. The new CEO needs to make sure his replacement on the commercial side is better than him I think.  https://www.sportskeeda.com/football/top-10-football-clubs-highest-social-media-following
    • One of the quotes “Arteta got 3 red cards while Gerrard got ,four in their careers make of that what you will” Well what I’d make of it is that Arteta was a decent player who couldn’t tackle so when he did it was usually a two footed cowardly one in which he wouldn’t get hurt thus resulting in a red card 
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