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Premier League Round Up (Apr 27-28 2019)

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Thanks for nothing, Burnley. Ok, that’s a little harsh as they did all they could to keep City out, and did a pretty damn good job of it truth be told. 2cm away from a clean sheet is a pretty decent effort. Problem is they completely forgot about attacking.


Look, I know it was always a long shot, but this was the game that should have been most problematic to City. In some ways it was, but I saw none of the things I thought Burnley might be able to do to unsettle City in defence.


It’s pretty demoralising when so many teams fail to exploit the weakness in Man City. They’ve got no defensive midfielders and a highly questionable back four. Yet hardly anyone is able to lay a glove on them because they’re terrified of getting caught at the other end.


City were shite against Burnley but it didn’t matter because they didn't have to worry about anything defensively. Nothing at all. Did Burnley even have a shot? A corner? No, it was just shite. My boy Ashley Barnes didn't get a kick.


I blame all the desperate Reds using him as their twitter avatars. They'll jinx Jamie Vardy too no doubt. Here's a thought, how about changing to Aguero instead? The ol' classic reverse jinx.


It was really hard watching this. Far more stressful than watching our games because this is completely out of our hands. Having to rely on limited teams like is tough and massively frustrating to watch.


I’m not going to watch their game with Leicester as there doesn’t seem to be any point. If they drop points I’ll be overjoyed regardless of whether I watch it or not, but if they win I don’t want to be sitting through that shit.


It’s the arrogance of the cheating fucks that’s the hardest thing to take. Guardiola has already said they’ll beat Leicester, and there was that goal-line technology screenshot thing their official account tweeted out. They’re just horrible bastards, thumbing their noses at everyone while getting away with rampant cheating.


I hate everything about them. From Guardiola’s stupid bald head to the cynical counter attack stopping fouls that never earn them bookings (Sterling produced a textbook on elf those on Barnes early on. No yellow card). From Kompany’s big horrible ‘Ken Griffey Jr in the Simpsons’ bulb head to their shitty fans and their stupid “Invisible man” chant. You aren’t invisible, those are just empty seats.


From Aguero and his pigeon shit hairstyle (you’re in your 30s, grow up) to Sterling and little dinosaur run. From Emerson and his hideous face and shit tattoos, to Bernardo Silva the snide little oldest youngster in town cunt. Fuck all of them.


I keep hearing Reds talking about how ‘wouldn’t it be great if they got their comeuppance and dropped points’ but how often does life work out like that? ‘Cheats never prosper’ is the most ridiculous expression in the history of mankind. They do prosper. They always have. They always will.


For every Ben Johnson there are a thousand Diego Maradonas. PSG have cheated they away to dominance in France and City have done it over here. And no-one is prepared to do anything about it.


Cheats always prosper except on the rare occasions they don’t, when people trot out that lame statement.


Teams should be going out there wanting to kick fuck out of City and fighting tooth and nail to get a result. Not to help us, but because City’s cheating affects everyone. From Burnley to Man United, everyone is impacted by it. No-one's arsed though, because y'know, scousers not winning the league bantz, lol.



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'Cheats never prosper' is right up there alongside 'these things even themselves out' as the biggest fallacies out there. Your honour, in addition to Manchester City, I give you Barcelona and Real Madrid.


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Picture this scenario: it’s the 90th minute and city are desperate for the winner when their latest move breaks down and a ball over the top means Vardy’s away one on one, only to be rugby tackled by Fernandinho, who controversially is only booked. The free kick comes to nothing and city romp down the other end and Fernandinho gets on the end of the cross and the ball is judge to be 1mm over the line. My question is this: who do you shoot first? The Ref? Gary Neville? Knowing our fucking luck this isn’t too much of a stretch....

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On 03/05/2019 at 14:44, DaveT said:

'Cheats never prosper' is right up there alongside 'these things even themselves out' as the biggest fallacies out there. Your honour, in addition to Manchester City, I give you Barcelona and Real Madrid.


And man unt under Ferguson.

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    • Goalkeeper away shirt. Nicer that the black home shirt because that thumbprint pattern looks better on the yellow.     This would have made a nice outfield away shirt, with black shorts and yellow/black hooped socks. Very Dortmund-esque.
    • This was the point I was making - some of those players were brought in to replace top players and were signed to come straight into the team. Kenny Dalglish and Graeme Souness being examples. Other players were signed as prospects - some went one to become good/great players, some didn't. After the 1980s when the club suffered 30 years without a title, Liverpool probably broke the transfer record more times than most if not all other clubs. Dean Saunders, John Scales and Phil Babb spring to mind. These were signings to come in straight away and mostly they flattered to deceive.   Sure we needed less players then and players cost less and had less wages so the standards were certainly different. But during those 30 years all clubs had the same problems but the League was always won by a team other than Liverpool - even though we were signing players every year. Problem was, so was everyone else.   Right now, we are on the perch and it's now up to other clubs to buy to improve. Who knows, perhaps the club's plan is to allow the other clubs to spend themselves out and then any players left will have no other clubs to barter against.   We are the best team in England, other teams need to play catch up. Perhaps they will catch up next year. Perhaps they won't. But I know which side of that equation I prefer the club to be on.
    • When it comes to batshit conspiracy theories and bringing us into absolutely everything, they definitely turn the dial past 11. Nil Spinal Nisi Tap.    
    • What people are forgetting about Ox is that this season was always going to be a recovery one. He had a very bad injury. I still think he's at his best driving through the middle and shooting but let's give him another season to see where he is.   He might really benefit from a good pre-season
    • Not one of their current players in their video. Says it all really.
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