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Featured: That was the week that was (April 6-12 2019)

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Saturday Apr 6:


Another week another City goal inside the opening ten minutes. At least this time it wasn’t in the league. Brighton did alright and kept the score at 1-0. They might have done even better if the ref (and VAR) had sent that tit Kyle Walker off for a headbutt. 


Not only is he shite, he’s fucking thick. I’m glad he didn’t get sent off because he’s our best chance of them dropping points, so I don’t want him suspended. I guarantee he’ll do something shit and braindead between now and the end of the season. The only question is whether they score enough goals for it to not matter. Hopefully not. Maybe Wilf will tear him a new one next weekend?


Two goals for Harry Wilson today. He hasn’t done much of late and Derby have been struggling, so it’s nice to see him back among the goals. His mate Ben Woodburn scored today too, a penalty in the u23s 3-2 win over Chelsea. Curtis Jones got a late winner as the lads came from 2-0 down to win it late.


Chelsea had a young lad playing right back who looked fucking dynamite. Tariq Lamptey, he plays for England at youth level and he looks brilliant. Defo worth keeping an eye on him and maybe snapping him up when he gets fed up of never getting a chance.


Staying at youth level, our u18s still have an outside shot at the title after they won 2-1 at home to Wolves. Bobby Duncan scored again, goal number 29 of the season (he has 21 assists too), and the other was a belter by Jake Cain. Like Molby’s goal against Norwich back in the day, only a bit closer in and from the opposite side of the bench. Lovely hit though.

Sunday Apr 7:


My Boy Troy is in the FA Cup Final. Good for him, he deserves it as he’s done it the hard way. Everything he’s got he’s had to scrap for, and this will mean the world to him because he’s an 80s throwback and the FA Cup actually meant something back then. 


The interview he gave afterwards was great, it genuinely brought a lump to my throat. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and there’s a self deprecating charm about Deeney. I’d love to see him lifting the FA Cup, and not just because it would mean he’s beaten City. Ok, it’s mostly because it would mean he’d beaten City, but I’d be genuinely happy for him too.


The downside to Watford winning is that Wolves are not in the final. Not that I care about Wolves or have any preference for them over Watford, but if Wolves had gotten there they’d have rested everyone when they come to Anfield on the last day. Now they’ll be full strength and we know they’re dangerous against the better sides. Not ideal.



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Thought exactly the same about the situation this puts the club in. No doubt there will be a tribute before kick-off for Tommy tomorrow, and I’d be surprised if it doesn’t get flagged up, likely in the gutter press and definitely all over social media (which of course nowadays gets lifted directly as a lazy media story), as hypocrisy after commenting on Chelsea fans’ racism in the week.


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I’d quite like the 85/86 home and away shirts with the Adidas logo on. In fact, they should just make that the new home and away shirts. Tell Nike to do one, let’s keep it old school.


The ones with "Crown Paints" on them - I remember wearing a home one to the 86 Cup Final. 

If they bring those back, I'll grow my hair to look like Walshy.

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