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Tommy Smith

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Gutted. My Uncle used to be his room mate on away trips. Always liked him, would see him in Crosby a lot. He was in a rush getting his benefits from the Post Office once when some old dear who had no clue about footy asked him if he was "that player" for Liverpool and started waffling on.


He was really nice to her and even packed her shopping bags when she dropped them all over the floor. He said to me "she's asked me this about 5 times the last couple of weeks but you just have to go along with it, lovely woman but she hasn't got the best memory"

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Very Very sad news. Had the pleasure of meeting him on a few occasions and he signed a lovely picture for my dear old Dad and listened to his boring story's of his days watching the Reds from the Early 40's with good grace and charm. 

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Dreaded clicking on this thread there. 


Gutted. Liverpool man through and through. Mans man. The Anfield Iron. Thanks Tommy, YNWA x 

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7 minutes ago, Caramac said:

Tommy Smith wasn't born, he was quarried ~ Bill Shankly.

Yep, first thing I thought of. A testament to Tommy as a person and Bill as an inspiration.



RIP Nails. 

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Close to tears here, what a player. Very few of today’s pampered primadonnas could of taken a fair tackle from him, let alone a foul. I will always remember that header in 77 as a 9 year old kid I was jumping up and down on the couch in my Nana’s. 

RIP Tommy. A true Liverpool Legend.


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    • PSG as clownish as ever. Scored a pen and then parked the bus. And Herrera, who was the biggest shithouse in the Premier League when he was there might not even be top 3 at PSG. Neymar, Paredes and Verratti are all embarrassments to the sport.    On the Upamecano front, he was crap. He's had a terrible Champions League. Gives the ball away constantly and just isn't very sharp.  
    • A good barometer of how good we are and how much I love Klopp and his team/squad is the fact that I'm totally relaxed whoever we put out there tomorrow.   I'm not (despite having a good game when given the chance) a big fan of Nat Philips, and I think it might have been better to keep Hoever rather than Neco Williams, but we've got so many good players and have done so many good deals that these are mere details in a masterpiece.   Having watched and supported us since the mid-80s, there's always been 1 or 2 players that I have felt aren't really good enough, and should be looked at being replaced. This is the first time in all that time where there's no such need imo. Our CB injuries are of course unfortunate, and will probably lead to speculations on new signings. I think we'll cope fine whether we sign a CB or not, there's almost a sadistic desire in me to find out if we can be contenders and win in both Europe and the league with what we've got. I think Klopp and his boys are so good we can do it with what we've got, but there's the chance Matip will have a breakdown or two soon, so we'll have to see what happens I guess.   Anyway, my point was really that I'm not nervous about our games anymore, there might be a bump in the road (like Villa) on the way, but I think we'll run away with the league again, and I'm fairly confident about Europe too! Come on you reds!
    • I think Robbo and Matip should be rested for this.   Matip because he is simply too much of a risk for 3 games in a week in the absolutely shortest turnaround possible which is what we face in this week of 3 games that started Sunday...Sun night kick off for 1st one - Saturday early kick off the 3rd one....   And Robbo because he has had zero rest and risk feels high given how much he has played of late.
    • I disagree. Losing is a bad habit.   If we were to lose to Atalanta, then we'd have to play a strong side against Ajax. Others may view it different but you dont want to be going oh, we can afford to lose to Atalanta and Ajax because we've just got the weakest side in the group to play.   We can use 5 subs so should do.    
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