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Chelsea (H) Premier League 14/04/19

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12 minutes ago, Red Shift said:

Finally got to watch our masterclass last night, after a busy weekend away. I really feel we're up for this, and I'm confident we can remain unbeaten, especially with Mo coming 'on song'. All the front three are playing well for the first time just about all season, so yes, we're up for it.

City. Just where are they going to bottle it? The obviously answer is Man U, but I'm not sure - City will be well mobilised for it - I can see a draw, but not a united win. However, that draw is two points lost to city and a shaken team. Leicester?

We only need them to draw. 

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47 minutes ago, Grinch said:

We only need them to draw. 

TRUE !!!
Well, that said, there are at least two fixtures that could see them draw. Suddenly, the stars are aligned.

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