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International break draft, anyone fancy it?

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1 minute ago, Alex_K said:

I will play .. although I imagine it'll get much less engagement now its been eradicated from the main forum for whatever reason. Little visibility.

Main forum? The GF is the main forum... 

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I’ll play if we’re more strict with deadline for picking your players. I can’t be having 3 days between picks.

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Who is in then? Ill get the rules suggestions up if/once we get 8. Definitely can't have a repeat of the delays last time. 8 hour windows max 

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I'm going to do the points category. Elite teams 5 points, poorer teams less and a quota of points per team. 


I'll put the thread up in a bit 

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12 minutes ago, MegadriveMan said:

I can probably do this. Off work until Monday as the Mrs is having an operation tomorrow.


How about players that have either gone on loan or made a free transfer as the subject.

That sounds like hard work.


I'd prefer something easy like a player that's kicked a ball.

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Im thinking what I said earlier. 


Points if they played have or did play more than 100 games for either club based on the table below (Professional debut must not have been before 1/1/1990, can not have played over 100 games for more than 1 of the below clubs or you forfeit both clubs for that selection e.g.; If Player A played 100 games for Chelsea and 99 games for Inter Milan you lose just Chelsea and 5 points, if he has played 100 for Inter than you would lose 7 points and both sides) :


5 Points, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man City, Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea, Bayern Munich

4 Points, Atletico Madrid, Arsenal, Spurs, Juventus, Dortmund, PSG, AC Milan

3 Points, Ajax, Newcastle, Inter Milan, Roma, Monaco, Napoli, Valencia

2 Points Porto, Benfica, Celtic, Fiorentina, Galatasaray, Marseilles, Leverkusen

1 Point, Everton, Feyenoord, Villareal, Udinese, Shakhtar Donetsk, Basel, Steaua Bucharest


Your team can not exceed 30 points. 




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    • The form of Joel Matip has undoubtedly been one of the most pleasing developments in the second half of this campaign. However, there would have been times when the Cameroon international would have wondered if things were ever going to go his way at Liverpool.

      Just when it seemed he was ready to stamp his authority on the centre back position, an innocuous injury appeared completely out of the blue such as the collarbone injury sustained in the last minute of the final Champions League group game against Napoli in early December.

      Seemingly blessed with the physical attributes to be a impressive central defender, his inability to impose himself in a game sense due to his causal demeanour has consistently frustrated many fans over his time at the club.

      However a real opportunity emerged in the early part of 2019. 

      After making a quicker than expected recovery from his injury, a spot in the back four opened up with Dejan Lovren who had been deputising for both Joe Gomez and Matip, suffering an hamstring strain in the FA Cup tie against Wolves.

      They say good fortune comes in many ways and to the great credit of the 27 year-old, he has taken it with both hands.

      Developing a strong bond with your fellow central defender is crucial, and something that Matip lacked in previous stints in the side.

      However, after linking up with Virgil Van Dijk, he has progressed to the next level.

      There is something a bit special seeing a central defender go on mazy runs up the pitch.

      Matip has always had this aspect to his game, but as his confidence has grown, his roaming trips have become all the more frequent to the great delight of the Anfield crowd.

      The defender explained to the Official site about his love to have the ball at his feet.

      "I'm a defender but I really enjoy to have the ball in all situations.

      "We have the ball quite often and I try to help my teammates and try to do something for the team to create something. 

      "I really enjoy it. I think it's not bad if you enjoy the way you play.

      "When I was young I tried to play from the back. I think that's just the way I am, the way I play. Sometimes it helps and I hope that it will help our team.

      "Maybe I should not do it every few minutes but I think he [Klopp] trusts me.   "If I step in and the risk is not too high and I can help the team then it's helpful."  

      Despite having an adventurous nature, Matip knows putting the ball in the back of the net himself is not one of his strengths and he sticks to the basics in this regard.

      "I know what I can do and shooting is not my favourite part, so I think it's better to leave the shooting for some others.

      "But maybe one day I will be in a better position and also can score with a shot."

      Currently enjoying his most consistent run of games as a Liverpool player, Matip knows every team Liverpool comes up against at this time of the season is a considerable test which continues against Huddersfield on Friday night.

      "No game in the Premier League is easy, it doesn't matter who you play against.

      "They will fight, they will try to earn their respect and they will not come here to give us some points. It will be a tough challenge."

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    • If we lift the European Cup - what would have been the jewel in their potential quadruple crown - I'd imagine that would absolutely boil their, and especially Guardiola's piss.   Even should they pip us to the League.   We have to stay positive, twat Huddersfield.   And I have to keep reminding myself we can win the European Cup.   (And maybe the League)        
    • I'm hoping Saruman the White conjures up the 1974 Leighton James to score a last-gasp Burnley winner/equaliser.
    • Amateur side managed by amateur manager. Or damm near close to it. Where would Molde rank in the English league? Are they Championship level, even? Almost certainly not.   Intensely annoying that we played them when we did. City are a top side but by the same token they have been superbly fortunate playing the other decent sides when they have.. Arsenal right at the beginning of Emerys reign, Spurs in joke conditions at Wembley followed by the return fixture right after the CL, United tonight now that the Solskjaer circus is showing its true colours. Shame we couldn't hold them at the Ethiad.  
    • I think it's over.   I hope I'm wrong. We are a wonderful side.   I hope we win our next two League games and make it go down to the last day. We deserve that at the very least.   And if we end up losing it with 97 points, us old cunts can console ourselves emptily with the thought that in the old 2-points-for-a-win days, we'd have won it by a point. I can curse a couple of draws as losses. And yet we might end up "invincibles", but for one game. Oil etc.   The shitness of modern football.   Perhaps we'll win the European Cup.  This team deserves something great.   Perhaps there's a miracle somewhere in the League yet.  A hand of God.  Something.  But it would be a miracle I think.   I'll keep hoping.      
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