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Featured: That was the week that was (Mar 9-15 2019)

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Saturday Mar 9:


We all knew City would beat Watford, but it still grates when it’s 0-0 at half time, looking like a bit of a struggle for them and then out of nothing they’re handed the lead courtesy of what - and I’m being deadly serious here - might just be the worst decision I’ve ever seen. We all know the offside rule is completely fucked these days, but I thought it couldn’t be interpreted in a worse way than what we with the Kane penalty incident at Anfield last season. I was wrong. This was a million times worse.


It’s easy to say the rule itself is the problem because it causes confusion, but that’s a cop out. The rule might be shit, but interpreting it in the way that Paul Tierney cunt did today genuinely boggles the mind. It’s almost as though he was looking for a reason to give the goal. I mean, why is he even going over to speak to the linesman at all? It’s offside, the flag goes up, just get on with the game. Yet he’s running over there giving it the ol’ “let’s not be hasty here, let’s discuss this”.


Really can’t get my head around it at all. The cunts who are making these stupid rules are ruining our game. I said it last week about VAR and handball, but the offside rule is now arguably the biggest problem in football. But even with the shitty changes they’ve made it to it, there’s still no way on earth Tierney was within his rights to award that goal.


I’m off to google “Der Spiegel Paul Tierney” to see if the cunt is mentioned is any of those hacked emails. 

Sunday Mar 10:


L 4 Burnley 2 Alls well that ends well, but fucking hell this has been an abysmal weekend for Premier League officiating. Nothing will ever top what Tierney did at the Etihad, but Andre Marriner gave it his best shot by allowing that Burnley goal and then booking Alisson for being unhappy about it. He saw that foul and ignored it.


It’s hard to wonder just how that can happen, as Marriner is one of the best refs we have. Ok, that carries as much significance as being the Japan’s slimmest Sumo, but it’s still a valid point. I’d expect a Sunday league ref to get that decision right, so how can Marriner miss it? He was screwing us over all day though, the prick.


Thankfully the lads were able to overcome it and get the win. The front three looked like themselves again and Lallana’s inclusion genuinely helped the team, particularly with the balance he brought to midfield. I don’t think he’ll ever be the player he was when Klopp first arrived because his body won’t let him do that for any sustained period of time, but it’s good to see he’s still got it in him to produce performances like this when he is fit.


Lallana was one of my favourite players, his ability on the ball and the technique and balance he’s got are a joy to watch, and he’s a grafter too. He’ll run himself into the ground and that’s why Klopp won’t give up on him as quickly as the likes of me. I don’t know how long he can stay fit, but as long as he is fit I’d be looking to start him in every home game and also some of those aways we have, because having someone that can run beyond the forwards and create space fort them makes us so much dangerous. And he’s the best presser we have too, as we saw with the second goal. Fucking boss that was. 


The other take away I have from this is that Mané has sneakily had himself a really impressive season. Take penalties out of the equation and he’s scored more than Salah this year. In fact, take penalties out of the equation and no-one in the top flight has scored more than Sadio. He’s not getting the credit he deserves because he’s still regarded as the ‘third man’ in our front three because he can be a bit streaky with his form. He’s been more consistent this season than he was last year though, which is not something Bobby and Mo can say about themselves.


Massive win this though, as playing the day after City is just shit, I hate it. Much better to be playing first and applying pressure than playing second and having to respond to it. Next week we have the chance to go top again, but looking at all the remaining fixtures I think the key to this will be if we can be ahead of them when they go to Old Trafford, as that's their game in hand and really we need them to go there knowing they have to win.

Meanwhile, crazy scenes in the Brummy derby where Jack Grealish was lamped by a fan and then took his revenge by scoring the winner and diving into the away end to celebrate. Good for him, this is one of the best stories of the year as he completely stuck it to the twat who attacked him, as well as the shithouse steward who kicked him (who was immediately arrested) and the thousands of Birmingham fans who cheered the moron off the field. Well done Jack Grealish. Now, can we talk about the haircut and those socks?



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17 hours ago, TheBitch said:

If anything screams impeachment it is saying ZIdane was overrated as a player. 


I don't even know who you are any more Dave. 

I stand by this and will to my dying breath.


Not saying he wasn't class, but he was massively over-rated. 

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2 hours ago, Red Hot said:

I never watched him week in week out, but he deffo rose to the occasion. And isn't that what world class players do?

Yeah he really rose to the occasion when he head butted Materazzi and left his team with ten men in a world cup final.


95 goals from over 500 games as an attacking midfielder, playing for teams that dominated their leagues. Bang average that. 


He fooled you all just because he had a great touch and could do lovely pirouettes. Basically a bald, French Adam Lallana, but without the great work off the ball.

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