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Liverpool 0 Bayern Munich 0 (Feb 19 2019)

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Report by
Dave Usher


Not the result we hoped for but it’s fine. Considering there were no goals, it was a cracking game. A classic European tie. We played well for a while but couldn’t capitalise on it and eventually we ran out of ideas. Bayern seemed happy to take a goalless draw and showed little interest in trying to nick an away goal. Hopefully they will live to regret that.


Our defence played well, the midfielders were all impressive and Bobby was outstanding for someone who should have been tucked up in bed with a lemsip or a pack of immodium (depending on what type of virus he had). Had we been able to get one maybe we’d have gotten more, as some of the football we played was great (in the first half especially). Sadly we couldn’t finish it off and it allowed Bayern to become more and more comfortable. 


The finishing was poor but the final ball was often even worse. I’d say that was the only thing wrong with what was otherwise a good performance. If Sadio had been able to finish or if Mo had not continually ran into cul de sac’s we’d have been fine.  


I don’t think there’s any need for people to feel disappointed and there’s certainly no cause to be disheartened. Disappointing is drawing at home with Leicester or away to West Ham. This is Bayern Munich, serial winners, and a team who a couple of years ago would have been seen as being light years ahead of us. Now we’re facing them on an equal footing.


In fact, we’re facing them as slight favourites. You could see the respect they have for us in how they approached the game. They were much more defensive than anyone expected and to be fair I thought they were very good, very composed and they passed it around nicely. That might have changed if we’d scored, but we’ll never know because we didn’t. 


They defended well, rode their luck at times and eventually they looked largely untroubled. I felt as though they had a goal in them too after how they played in that first half, but after the break they didn’t do much and seemed content to just sit in and keep what they had. It’s a first leg away from home against a very good side, so it's long been a tried and trusted approach. 


In their shoes though I’d be thinking this might just be a missed opportunity. No Van Dijk. No Gomez. No Lovren. No away goals. That's the biggest positive we can take from the night, the makeshift pairing of Matip and Fabinho stood strong and the clean sheet could prove to be the most decisive aspect of the tie. We'll see. 


The first half was a cracker. Chances galore and lots of nice football from both sides. Salah had a good chance that he couldn’t convert when Hendo picked him out with a glorious ball over the top. Not an easy one, and I’d have probably tried to head that in if it was me. But then I don’t have a left peg like Mo so that would be why. A diving header would have been easier than attempting what he did though I reckon.


Bayern hit back straight away and almost took the lead with a freak own goal. Gnabry did brilliantly to skin Robbo and drill a low cross into the box. Lewandowski missed it under pressure from Matip, but the defender didn’t have time to react and side footed it straight into the chest of Alisson, who knew nothing about it. 


Bad moment there for 'Big Bird', and he had another one not long after. In fairness, it was more on Alisson than him, as the keeper dawdled on the ball (as he tends to do far too much) before just about smuggling it away to Matip, who was not expecting it and was caught completely on his heels. His feeble flicked attempt at clearing the ball was seized upon by Coman who struck the side netting.



This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article


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Hendo was great but Fabinho was the star man for me.  Such a good all round technical footballer.  Great to see Naby put in a good performance in a difficult game as well.  His overhead was completely mental but he was unlucky a couple of those shots got blocked as I reckon they were flying in.


Thought we were unlucky overall.  If we play like that again in the second leg we will go through.

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Fabinho ran him close, he's really good and is coming into his own now, regardless of where he plays. I really like him. Over the next few years I expect him to become one of the best in the business. The best we've had since Mascherano. 

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I don't think we missed Van Dijk in defence as much as we missed Fabinho in midfield.

Spot on report Dave, and I also see nothing to be shitting ourselves about in the return leg. 

Bring on Sunday.......

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all this warm weather training bollocks does for me. we play two in a week the nowt for two weeks, this team needs rhythm and tempo, yes they need a rest, but small rests, breath catching rests, not holiday lengths.

we very quickly don't look match sharp, that's why staying in the FA cup etc can be important, rest a few, not all of them, rotate them each round, keeps the lads keep ticking over. hopefully now its a week in week out run in.

also like you sunday is my least favourite match in the entire season. Until we are 3 up!!

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