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Featured: That was the week that was (Feb 9-15 2019)

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Saturday Feb 2:


L 3 Bournemouth 0. Yes! There you go. The Reds are back. 4-3-3, Bobby and Mo back where they should be and just like that we’re back to the 17/18 team that scared the shit out of everybody. Results wise we’ve been incredible this season, but the performances have generally taken a bit of a dip. If we’re going to stay ahead of City then we need the fire and brimstone, tear your a new arsehole attacking football from last season.


This performance was a big step on the road to where we need to be. The opposition has to be taken into account, as Bournemouth aren’t the most difficult side to play football against, but on this form anybody would struggle to deal with us. The front three were dazzling, the full backs were great and the midfield was probably as good as we’ve seen it all season. This was Naby’s best game, Fabinho was terrific and Wijnaldum was the best player on the park.


Gini actually had the wildshites in the build up to the game and said he was worried he might shit his shorts during the game. Imagine being able to play as well as that under those circumstances. I won’t even leave the house when I’ve got the shits. When he plays with this freedom to get forward and make runs he’s a brilliant player. His problem is because he’s so good at everything and can adapt his game to do whatever Klopp needs him to, sometimes we don’t see him making those runs.


I want to see him given license to do that every game because when we have midfielders breaking beyond the forwards (Ox does this brilliantly and we’ve missed him) it gives us an added dimension and makes the front three even more difficult to handle. If we play like this at Old Trafford then I’ve been worrying over nothing.

Sunday Feb 10:

Mo has shaved off his beard. Not sure I’m a fan of this as I tend to not like change, and I’m also superstitious. Why risk it now, with so much at stake? I don’t want him turning into ‘Chelsea Mo’ and never scoring any goals. The pictures did make me laugh, as although he’s clean shaven he’s still got a 5 o’clock shadow. Like when Homer gets a shave and within a second or two it grows back. 




That was the only thing that made me smile today, as Spurs won again and those Chelsea losers let in six at Man City. How the fuck does one of the big teams let in six goals when they have all eleven players on the field? It shouldn’t happen. Ever. It’s Arsenal behaviour that. Chelsea started the season well and Sarri’s methods were being lauded. Seemingly all it took was for opposing teams to stick someone on Jorginho and stop him getting on the ball, and the whole thing fell apart.


Doesn’t take much for that squad of players to become disillusioned with a manager’s tactics though does it? And when it happens, they just stop playing. That was a disgrace today and it’s not all Sarri’s fault. He’ll be the one to carry the can though, and those players will all live to kill off another manager in the next year or two.


I just hope Reds don’t get disheartened by this result today. Other than goal difference, it doesn’t matter if they won 1-0 or 6-0 as its three points either way. Psychologically it might have an impact as it fuels the whole “oh look how scary Man City are” narrative. To me it changes nothing though. This doesn’t make them any better or worse than we thought. They’re the same team that lost to Newcastle two weeks ago.


It says a lot more about Chelsea than it does City. I don’t feel any differently about our title chances today than I did yesterday. City will win most of their games, we knew this. Hopefully they slip up once or twice and then the rest is up to us.



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6 minutes ago, dave u said:

Yeah, that's why I said 5-1.


Can't you two read?

If they won 5-1 then they'll win the tie outright, not on away goals.


Pedants 2 Usher 1

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This is simple really. The reason our wage bill is higher is because our wages go through the books.


In Liverpool's accounts, all the wages and salaries go through the books so the headline figures you hear and read about are the actual figures. In City's case, they are divided up by City's owners so that part of it goes through the books of the club itself, and the rest goes through the ownership group. And I don't mean the salaries of admin staff etc, but the actual wages paid to players and coaching staff. We already know how Roberto Mancini's contract was broken down this way, by listing a hefty amount as a 'consultation fee' on the ownership group's accounts. The accounts of the ownership group are irrelevant to matters concerning FFP. There is no question that City players and coaching staff take home quite a bit more than their Liverpool equivalents.



There's as much chance of him playing for us as there is of the other loan ranger, Taiwo Adeyemi, ever coming back and forcing his way in.


Taiwo Awoniyi. You might be thinking of Tom Adeyemi, the Oldham player who had a meltdown at Anfield because he thought someone in the crowd had hurled racist abuse at him. This was only about a month after the Suarez-Evra bullshit.

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I've seen Isaac Christie-Davies play a dozen times now, and I'm none the wiser myself.

More importantly, Taiwo Awoniyi scored again yesterday - that's 4 in 5 games for Mouscron since he managed to fight his way out of Gent (allegedly); I wonder if Bournemouth are interested? 



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14 hours ago, Rushies tash said:

If they won 5-1 then they'll win the tie outright, not on away goals.


Pedants 2 Usher 1


Who said anything about away goals?


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12 hours ago, Trumo said:


Taiwo Awoniyi. You might be thinking of Tom Adeyemi, the Oldham player who had a meltdown at Anfield because he thought someone in the crowd had hurled racist abuse at him. This was only about a month after the Suarez-Evra bullshit.

I knew his name was Taiwo and that his surname began with an A. I googled him and that name came up and seemed familiar, so I thought it was him.


The initial point stands, neither of them will ever play for us.

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    • If there is one Liverpool player who would love to get one over Barcelona more than most it is James Milner.

      Part of the Man City squad who were eliminated by Barcelona from the Champions League in back to back seasons (2013/4/2014/5), Milner does not want to make it a hat-trick of defeats.

      While the Spanish giants are many people's favourites to win the competition, the versatile veteran believes the Reds can pose them plenty of searching questions of their own.

      The Liverpool Echo reported Milner as saying:

      "I've played against Barcelona a couple of times before in the knockout stages and not had the greatest success.

      "They are a strong team and it is a tough place to go, but I don’t think they will have played too many teams like us.

      “It will be difficult. They are a team full of great individual talent and a great side too.

      “The Nou Camp is a fantastic stadium and a fantastic place to play with a great atmosphere. 

      "It will be very tough and we will have to be at our best.

      "But over the last couple of seasons, with the teams that we have beaten in the Champions League, we should go there with confidence, no matter how tough it is going to be.”  

      The win over Porto on Wednesday evening saw the Reds progress to the final four of Europe's elite club competition for the second consecutive season.

      It is the first time they have achieved such a feat since Rafa Benitez's tenure (2006/7-07-08).

      Milner believes it is a sign of all-around improvement by Jurgen Klopp's men.

      "It’s great. Doing it back-to-back shows that we are improving as a team and getting to where we want to be.

      “It’s not easy. The teams in the semi-finals are completely different to last year but it’s a great a place to be and mission accomplished.”

      Milner said he expected a real challenge from Porto in the second leg, but the pleasing thing is that it showed a resilience that has been a real trademark of this squad this season.

      "The pressure they put us under from the start, we knew it would be tough but we just ground it out. We defended, we got the chance and once we took it, that helped in terms of the tie.

      "We showed different sides to ourselves, defending and showing what we can do depending how the game is. 

      "You are not going to play well in every single game. It says a lot about the character within the team.

      "In the second half we got some great goals – a great ball from Trent Alexander-Arnold for the second. We are scoring different types of goals as well, from set-plays.

      "Virgil (van Dijk) is getting a few now. He was getting a fair bit of stick earlier in the season for not getting enough, now he can’t stop scoring.

      Milner is a perfect man to have on board at this time of the season as he has lived through the pressure of a title race.

      He knows that his former club will quickly put the disappointment of their heartbreaking Champions League exit behind them and focus on the league which includes getting revenge over Tottenham in the early kick-off on Saturday.

      While for Liverpool it is about keeping their mind on the job at hand.

      "City are Premier League champions for a reason and I am sure they will react like champions.

      “They will go again, but Spurs will have their backs up and will want to go again after getting such a great result to get through. 

      "They are two top teams and it will be an exciting game for the neutral.

      "We will keep one eye on it but all we can do is influence our games. There are big games coming all over the place, the first thing we have to do is recover for Cardiff.

      "There are a lot of tough games coming up and it won’t be easy. We are used to a game every three days and when the pressure is on towards the end of the season, it maybe takes a bit more out of you.

      "But the team has been fantastic in terms of how we have dealt with it all. We have got a big game of our own at the weekend that we have to get a result in.”
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    • For many Liverpool fans, a special place in their heart is reserved for Rafa Benitez. The Spaniard brought with him a tremendous managerial pedigree when he arrived on English soil from Valencia in 2004.
        While Liverpool had made important headway under Gerard Houllier, Benitez elevated the squad to a new level, famously winning the Champions League in his first season.

      It was not only his tactical nous along with the quality of player he was able to sign which won him plaudits, it was his ability to connect with the supporters which is so important in modern football.

      So it is for that reason that when the current Newcastle manager gives his nod of approval to the current man in the Anfield hot seat, you have to give a whole lot of value to his comments.

      The Liverpool Echo (via Marca) reported Benitez as saying:

      " Klopp is doing a great job at Anfield.   "They are in that position because they deserve it.

      "Last weekend I watched the game against Chelsea and they play with an intensity and an impressive level.

      “They are a clear contender to win both titles and have the potential to do it."  

      Benitez was a master of getting the right result in Europe over two legs, be it against the almighty Barcelona and Real Madrid or Juventus and Inter Milan.

      Since his acrimonious departure at the end of the 2009/10 season, the Reds fell off the radar in terms of top flight European football for quite a few seasons.

      It has been a methodical build with the German in charge, culminating in back to back Champion League semi final appearances.

      While last year's path to the final was captivating and thrilling, the ability to get to the final four while also having a title challenge on their plate adds that extra bit of merit to the achievement.

      Rafa's priorities are quite rightly with his Newcastle side at this time, however you get a real sense that his trademark grin will appear if the Reds manage to lift some silverware at the end of this season.
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    • Not quite sure who you are but thanks for the mention.    #HendersonIsBoss 
    • Virgil will lock down Suarez. He's still a big goal threat but is average in general play and there are a few players in the Premier League that are harder to deal with at this point in his career.    The keys will be limiting Messi obviously, and whether we can outrun them and beat them up physically. 
    • Aren't the Government going to crack down on under-18s accessing material like that?
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