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    • Jurgen can do what he wants - he's not going to starve if he objected so strongly to the way that the club is operating that he felt he had to leave.   I just think that to look at this in simplistic terms is, well, simplistic.  The club finances involve rather more than buying and selling players.  
    • Just to be clear, are you suggesting the owners have syphoned money out of Liverpool so the red socks can pay this £140m and that Jurgen is complicit in deceiving the fans?    
    • It feels dishonest and opportunistic for them to say its because of the pandemic and thats not to diminish the effect of the virus.. Quiet transfer windows, selling to buy is not a new phenomenon for the club. We must of banked a buck or two with our frugality and success. We all applaud Klopps net spend since he's been here, so we are all aware its been done on a shoe string comparatively.  The  club shouts loudest with all its new partners and how clever we are commercially and the clubs value now going into the billions.   I'm no where near anti FSG I think they're good owners but they need to speculate when it's required, it goes back into their pocket anyway. To once again stand still at our peak would be criminal when you look at the 90s or after istanbul. We will never ever be a more attractive proposition than we are now. Klopp is a genius working miracles id be shocked if the stats don't show our players are performing well above their expected potential.   To be critical of them isnt an attack nor is it a desire to be City or Chelsea but a bit of foresight with signings knowing you can get it back in a year or two selling players rather than having to sell first to aquire anyone of real talent will eventually hold us back. Just as an example the club should be able to go out and buy.. say Havertz without the empire crumbling to dust an act of financial madness crippling us forever. To be competitive for a player or two now and then without selling a top player isnt fans being greedy or ridiculous in my opinion. We all just want to see us keep improving, keep being competitive and hopefully scaring the shit out of the rest of the league 
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