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Featured: That was the week that was (Jan 12-18 2019)

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Saturday Jan 12:


Brighton 0 L 1 We’re not going to win by three or four every week so we may as well get used to games like this. We were never in any real danger but no matter how comfortable you are, when its only 1-0 you always get a moment or two where it potentially could go wrong. Brighton had only one move of any real note, and it needed a great block by Fabinho to prevent them equalising. 


We controlled things throughout but didn’t do much in front of goal and found it tough against their defensive set up. A bit of trickery from Mo decided it, and such is the desperation of so many to see us fuck things up that somehow even a good guy like Salah is now being portrayed as a villain. A year ago everyone loved him. Now that we might win the title, suddenly he’s getting the Suarez treatment. 


Seriously, if you’ve convinced yourself there was anything dodgy about that penalty, then you need a long break from football because your hatred of the Reds is completely fucking up your perspective. Chris Hughton had no complaints even though it was his team on the receiving end. Yet all manner of people who don’t even have a horse in the right are calling blue murder. No-one boils piss like we do. Not sure why like, but fuck it.


Today’s transfer rumour sees United in for Coutinho. My gut instinct is he will be at Barca for years to come as he’ll turn things around, but if they decide they want rid of him then he’s going to end up in Manchester. Whether it’s City or United I don’t know, but we probably won’t go for him and his options are therefore going to be seriously limited as very few teams could afford him.


Tell you something else too, if we don’t go for him then he’ll feel completely justified in joining United and won’t have a second’s regret about it. It’s like that bullshit from Suarez about how he wouldn’t come back to England because he wouldn’t want to play for another club over here out of respect to us. 100% bollocks. Footballer’s generally just don’t think like that. If we don’t make them an offer then all bets are off and they’ll take whatever the best deal is for them, regardless of who it’s with. Coutinho would play for United and Suarez would go to Chelsea, Arsenal or City (I don’t think he’d join United because there’s too much bad blood there) in a fucking heartbeat.


All things considered, I’ve now talked myself into rooting for Coutinho to do well at Barca simply to stop him resurfacing in Manchester.


Sunday Jan 13:


I was trying to figure out who had the most ridiculous statement of the weekend. Was it Neil Warnock’s amazing “to hell with the rest of the world” Brexit rant, or Rio Ferdinand’s completely out of left field attack on Newcastle fans / defence of Mike Ashley on BT. Difficult one to call as they were both horrendously misinformed. But then, a lone voice over in Doha cried out “hold my beer!!”


“Well said @rioferdy5 . If Rafa loves Newcastle as he says - spend some of his own money. He’s got enough. Management is about teamwork - why should it always be Ashley? Buy it. It’s still for sale. They’re in the bottom 3 & Rafa is responsible. He picks the team.”


Is that the worst football take ever? I think it might be you know. Rafa has some responsibility for their league position, but the idea that he should be stumping up cash for new players or buying out Ashley is just inexcusably stupid. As is the fact that people still employ this soft cunt. Richard Keys is an unfunny, unpleasant fucking simpleton. His tefal headed grinning goon of a sidekick can fuck off too. Pair of wankers.



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Levy and Spurs actually do have some previous for panic buying. They paid over the odds on deadline day to get Sissoko a couple of years ago, and when they had 'Arry in charge, they signed the likes of Saha, Gudjohnsen and Nelson. SSN always have a reporter loitering outside Spurs' training ground on deadline day because the club have made a habit of pushing through deals very late in the day, usually for players they hadn't even been linked with prior to that. It's down to either lack of planning or panic mode.


What I don't get is why you hardly see stories about Spurs players and their agents pushing for a pay rise. Kane obviously got a huge hike in his contract, but given their general effectiveness in this league, their players don't seem to earn on par with counterparts at other clubs even though they are often more consistent (Eriksen earns about one sixth of what Ozil gets in a week for example, yet which of the two brings more to his team?). Whenever lists of clubs' total wages are published, Spurs' total is always significantly lower than the teams around them.

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Anyone with a big fod was referred to as Tefal head when I was growing up. I still use it now, although yeah, loads won't have a clue what it means.



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