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    • First two blues I ran into this morning. This was the jist of their views.   Blue 1: Mad game last night. You could have won it. Not a chance your players would be that open if it was a game with anything riding on it. Say Klopp will use it  as ammunition for next season.   Blue 2: City showed why they are the best team in the country. Enjoy the title because it will be years before you win it again.    Blue 1 is hitting 60 and remembers them winning titles. Blue 2 was not long out of a pram for the 95 cup final. Blue 2 has more knowledge of 80s football than I and Blue 1 have.
    • We went into this season expecting not to be at the points level we were last season, never mind what we could possibly end up achieving. Who knows, we could end up dropping from last year still yet.   it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think we won’t get to the historic sights we set the last 2 years, even if we remain ace. Doesn’t take many of those late winners we got not going in for our points tally to be closer to 80 by seasons end than 100.   we could - because we’re ace - do it again, but we could also end up with 80-85 points. If we got 80 and they got 90 that’s winning it at a canter, but that’s all by the by.   my main thinking is how easily they will look like they’re winning it, even if it never gets to more than a 5 or 6 point lead as I think they’ll stroll a lot of matches.   its all irrelevant. They might be shite and we might run away again, but it’s more likely in my head that they will than we will.   reality is more likely an even contest, I guess.
    • The title was won, we can't drop more points than city already have. In that respect the game mean't fuck all really. We won the games we had to win, when it really mattered.    The next game is more important as apparently there's a only a short break between this season and next and I'd like us to not drift into bad form. The season was about 38 games total and not one game. They can have a win every season at their place if we can win the league, fuck it they can even have 5 goals while we carry off the Premiership if that makes them happy.        
    • I'm disappointed in myself.  My heart just wasn't in it anymore.
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