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On 22/08/2019 at 14:53, The Woolster said:

Junior Agogo is a gone gone...




I feel a bit bad about punning that one to be honest. We played for the same U16 team. In our league we finished tied at the top, had a play-off for the title and he scored the winner with 5 minutes left. He was the only one in the team to make it as a pro, even though he wasn't the best player in the team, and ended up playing with players like Stoichkov and Essien and playing international football. Haven't seen him for about 20 years mind.

Sorry to bring football up I've put it on here before. Fella who used work at my gym was at leigh grammar school with roger hunt. Said he was good but no different to a lot of lads at 16. Nothing exceptional. Never imagined he would end up as liverpool's top league scorer. 

Another lad I know played against John barnes in a charity match when John was mid 40's said he was such a different level against them and some were semi pro in their 20s 

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On 31/08/2019 at 16:58, redheart said:

Valerie HArper has gone at last!


More points for me. Can we have an updated points table?

I missed Valerie Harper! And Mugabe was high up in my list for next replacements!


I think @Fowlers God isn't around much anymore, I did ask for the spreadsheet so I could do the updates, but didn't hear back.


I'll get the info together, if not today then next week.




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1 hour ago, Nelly-Torres said:

I had Mugabe. 


First time of doing this. Is the etiquette just to post your replacement in the forum? Either way, I'll have Henry Kissinger. 


Yes, post them on here

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Carole Lynley 77...Which is kind of ironic as The Poseidon Adventure is on Film Four today....


Might email them to see if they'll show Toby Young's How to Alienate Friends and Influence People while they're on a roll 



Probably has a few pics in the Retro Beauties thread


Image result for carol lynley poseidon adventure


Related image


Image result for carol lynley legs

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I will replace my two with two Bobs worth. Barker and Dole.


I have marked my own work for whoever's in charge now. 


1. Leah Bracknell 50+
2. Kirk Douglas 50+
3. Jimmy Greaves 50+
4. Billy Connolly 50+ or 
5. Pierre Cardin 50+
6. Stirling Moss 50+
7. John McCririck  50+ X 10 points
8.  Prince Philip 50 +
9. Vera Lynn 50+
10.  Robert Mugabe 50+ X 10 points



11. Johhny Clegg 50+ X 10 points

12. Bob Barker 50+

13.Bob Dole 50+

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39 minutes ago, MegadriveMan said:



Abdul Qadir: Former Pakistan leg-spinner dies aged 63

Not a cricket fan , great game mind, but in the mid 80s I got into it and remember Qadir , I thought how the fuck does he do that? Fantastic and so he made me appreciate Cricket, young age too.

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On 21/01/2019 at 14:42, Fowlers God said:




On 03/02/2019 at 15:30, Fowlers God said:

Apologies. I do have some late entries in my inbox to add which I will do tomorrow. Been hectic at work lately but have cleared my afternoon diary to update the dead pool. It’s in my calendar after my conf call at 1515 and before my monthly construction update at 1600. 


It will be done


@Fowlers God must still be on his conf call...


I've based the scoring on the entries above and redheart, but who were the other late entries and who did you have on your lists?

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Scores on the Doors


Woolster - 60 ponts

MegadriveMan and redheart - 30 points

Skend04 and littletedwest - 20 points

VladimirIlyich, Jenson, Babb'sBurstnad, Thoth and Nelly-Torres - 10 points

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14 minutes ago, littletedwest said:

Did I have him? Had him last year then thought I'd replaced him 


I'll double check, I used the spreadsheet I had from last year and updated that, I may have not done it properly...

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