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    • The way we performed versus Everton, Chelsea, Arsenal, Atalanta, Leicester, Wolves and Spurs this season is as good as anything we have ever produced under Klopp.   There were plenty of games in the past 2 years like what we've witnessed this month, only ending in a 1 nil.   "They always find a way" was the most common phrase I'd hear this time last year.   Things have simply compounded into this shit storm we face now.   - The same 11 being relied on to produce the goods week in week out  - Klopp's philosophy of not getting in the refs face or play-acting - Klopps philosophy of being loyal to his players  - Firmino's 18 month dip - A serious lack of investment in the squad - The introduction of VAR - Covid 19 - The lockdown  - Football with no fans - Getting the monkey off our back - No bus tour - No pre season - Dodgy as fuck VAR calls - Big injuries to key players - ALL our centre backs being out at the same time - Klopp getting involved in petty squabbles about fixtures and comments made by others (he never used to do this) - Gini's contract  - Mo's interview - A general but understandable complacency - An apparent attitude of feeling sorry for ourselves    Winning the league after 30 years, and Covid 19 have together given FSG the room to tighten the purse strings even more.   Winning the league after 30 years has also given the media, the refs, and other teams the impetus to screw us wherever possible.   It was obvious that injures were always going to fuck us. We've all been saying this since 2018.   VVD, Thiago, and Jota staying fully fit all season and we'd probably be double figures ahead of 2nd place.   Whether we can ever get back to that is a different matter altogether. With or without those 3.
    • Can’t only be the injuries because we were looking poor before they became injured. Not sure about the stats here but we don’t seem to doing as much running as before, not as intense as and dep pressing etc. Perhaps they’re too leggy because they have had no time off, but then after the first lockdown they had more time off than they had had in several seasons. Perhaps we are trying to take even better percentage chances than before because we do seem to be more tiki-taka around the box, very slow and ponderous moving of the ball and not as many runners in deep. Whatever it is, it is painful to watch, when you know how good these front 3 can be. 
    • Baby steps. Start by doing one of them goal things and see where that brings us.
    • Just fucking score, even if we get fucking beat just go out and bastard well stick the ball in the net!
    • There's a lot of weird sarcasm on here right now. I think the logical conclusion based on past evidence is that Klopp isn't really interested in a loan or short term CB signing, and FSG doesn't want to sanction the purchase of a top CB under the current circumstances. As a result, nothing is happening. I think it's a little naïve to only blame one party here. And again, this isn't me letting FSG off the hook, but there are some moves we could make that are financially doable that we're also not making.
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