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    • Fuck me is Laura Kurenssberg doing the BBC sports pages as well now ...??. So a strong start is beating  a half fit Spurs , 10 man Newley promoted West Brom, Brighton and then Palace thanks to a dodgy pen    Everton: Why have Carlo Ancelotti's side stalled after strong start?   https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55118164        
    • I'll keep saying it until someone tells me why I'm wrong.   If lines are fucking needed, then go with the original decision. If that means linos have to start doing their fucking jobs, then that's the way it goes.   I didn't need lines or different angles for Mane's goal, so that makes it a good VAR decision. Same with the Neco penalty. Clear as day, even without a replay.   Anything that needs a debate shouldn't be included in a review. That would also stop the refs from having to waste time going back to the screens to watch whatever fucking angle the cunt on the controls chooses, in whatever speed; having already been inadvertently influenced to change his mind.   In short; where debate is needed, go with the original decision. If its obvious on first look, change the decision.   Result? Proper "clear and obvious" and absolutely no time wasted.
    • Wouldn't get his game for Norwich 
    • They are always four players away, they buy the players and half a season on they are just four players away.
    • From GOT   We've had 30 years of reality checks. I'd like the reality to change at some point.

      We are the most predictable team in English football. Not been relegated in about 60 years thankfully and far too good always to go down. But nowhere near good enough to ever actually challenge in the top 6 or so or to win something.

      Genuinely don't see the point of us at the minute. We exist to plod along doing absolutely nothing of note. If we get into a good position, we take two steps back. Nothing will ever change.   This could possibly be a defining moment in this fan's life. Run bloonose run, and don't look back.
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