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Would you take Coutinho Back?

Would you accept him coming back?  

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1 hour ago, Tony Moanero said:

Woolworths mid eighties Star Wars sale.



In the early 90s a little shop by us had boxes and boxes of Star Wars figures all sealed. The fella in there was selling them as cheap as chips, because at that time Star Wars wasn't cool or at all popular. We filled our boots with cheap stormtroopers and so forth. Most of them got dug into the back garden in ceremonial burials or as victims of battles. If he'd have kept hold of them he would have made a small fortune. 


Anyway, fuck Coutinho. 

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3 minutes ago, Captain Turdseye said:


The MEN quoting Caught Offside. Shit just got real. 


And yes, I’d take him back for half of what we sold him for. 

I didn’t even read it, to be honest. Thinking about it, I should have done, just in case they were quoting The S*n.

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9 minutes ago, Captain Turdseye said:


The MEN quoting Caught Offside. Shit just got real. 


And yes, I’d take him back for half of what we sold him for. 

I wouldn't even pay that for him to be honest. 

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A sensational footballer, technically one of the most enjoyable footballers to watch, immaculate touch, can pass every range with any part of his foot, arguably the best shooter of a ball from long range in the game and then his dribbling, my God it absolutely glorious sight he’d make premier league footballers look like they have lead in their boots, I’ve never seen a player get near him when he carried the ball, the balance the poise, those drops of the shoulder. Absolutely yes.

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    • I’m always more than happy to take a different source.
    • Their positional judgement is questionable. In the 5-1 Brighton away game we played 3-4-3 and Coutinho definitely played  on the left of a front three, not part of a midfield six as they have it down!  
    • Saturday Jun 8:   Fuck all happening at the moment. The most interesting thing I saw today was something on Twitter that might have been complete bollocks for all I know. It got my attention though. Klopp was apparently invited onto the Graham Norton Show but declined, as he preferred to go on holiday instead.    Completely understand why Kloppo couldn’t be arsed with it, as he doesn’t get much opportunity to get away from it all and spend time with the family. Besides, he’s not really into all that celebrity jazz anyway. Still, imagine how fucking funny he’d have been on there. He’s the only manager with the personality to pull a show like that off.   Actually I tell a lie, my man Tim Sherwood could do it. If he had a job. And if he ever actually won something. Tell you who couldn’t pull it off. Pep, the boring bastard. He’d be whining about not getting credit for his treble and telling everyone about how big John Stones' balls are. Actually, that might make decent telly thinking about it.   Is this what the summer is going to reduce me to? Just talking absolute shite about nothing to fill space? Anyone makes a crack that it doesn't take the summer to have me doing that can fuck off.   Oh wait, something did actually happen today. Robbo scored a screamer for Scotland. It was like the shot he had in the final against Spurs only this one went in. Willing to bet here and now that he bags at least a couple like that next year. He’s finding his range I reckon. Imagine how good he’ll be when he adds a few goals to his armoury. We’re talking Balon d’or.
      Sunday Jun 9:   England won the third place game against the Swiss after penalties. I didn’t watch it as to be honest I didn’t even know it was on. I wouldn’t have watched even if I had known, but I might have dipped in and out of it just to check on Shaq.   Trent had a good game, apparently. I only know this because Lineker was tweeting about him. Again. Lineker obsesses about Trent almost as much as Man City’s press office obsesses about the Reds.   In the final, Portugal beat Holland, which is a minor blow to Virgil’s hopes of pipping Messi. It shouldn’t make any difference either way really, but if he’d skippered Holland to this trophy it might have had an influence. Bernardo Silva was named player of the tournament, much to the visible disgust of Ronaldo.        Maybe he is just a selfish, self absorbed, individual glory above the team wanker, or maybe he’s just playing up to that now and it’s all just some elaborate in-joke between him and his team-mates.   He pulls this kind of shit all the time. The hissy fit he threw a few years ago when Arbeloa nipped in front of him to score a back post tap in was sensational. Is he really this much of a diva or is he just winding us all up? I reckon it’s a bit of both, as that one today can’t possibly be real.    Meanwhile, one of his Portugal team-mates is hoping for a call from the Reds. Bruno Fernandez (who I mentioned a couple of weeks ago after he said he likes us better than City), is reportedly wanted by Spurs to replace Eriksen but he’s holding out in the hope that Klopp makes a move.   United want him too, but what self respecting decent footballer is going to join that circus when there are better offers on the table?    They are on the brink of signing that Welsh winger from Swansea and they’re being linked with Longstaff from Newcastle. They have no idea what they’re doing. They tried the “throw massive money at superstars” approach and it bombed spectacularly. So now they’re going oppo and doing it the “sign young and hungry players from unfashionable clubs” route.   It won’t work because they don’t have the structure (or manager) in place to make it work. It’s a long way back for them fuckers.     This is just a teaser, click here to read the full article   Please note that 'the Week that Was' is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here. 
    • I'll give you Alisson (bought months later obviously), where has Klopp been clear that there is no VVD purchase without Coutinho leaving? We tried to buy him in the previous summer of course, or was that just a smokescreen?
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