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    • It’s Coutinho, no question. I broke the news on here last week. 
    • That's very nice but given my exceptionally humble nature, I would accept to merely be part of a Ligue 1 transfer targets committee, although I would expect my expert opinion to be given much credence. 
    • The looming shadow of Everton has actually finished a couple of our greatest managers, their obsession with Everton eventually taking its toll on them. Klopp's going the same way..........    Saint Domingo Player Valuation: £70m Today at 1:34 PM   Add bookmark #29,904 He intimidates the media and the referees alike and does it expertly. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He denigrates other clubs and creates sound bites for the commercial success of his own. Referees and pundits know that if they make a call against his team, or come out against him in the press, he is at the head of probably the most powerful propaganda system in football at the moment and could probably end the career of anyone he wanted. 

      That’s why prior to the CL win he had never been questioned at any point about trophyless seasons, his complete disregard for the FA Cup, his hypocrisy on not spending money, his tapping up of players. Meanwhile Mourinho Conte and Sarri have effectively been hounded out of jobs by the media despite having far more success than him. 

      He’s a sinister man who knows exactly what he’s doing in how he portrays this zany hipster uncle image yet let’s the mask slip whenever remotely threatened. The amount of times he’s come out against Everton alone when we’re a complete non entity in terms of competition at the top of the league is bizarre. Calling our football wild just because we haven’t rolled over for him every single time we’ve played them, trying to insinuate we’ve spent loads when his own club was outspending everyone in Europe. Even having a pop at us when he won the CL, in what should have been the height of his career he had Everton on his mind. Mind you Dalglish got so consumed with us that he blew up from the job twice, and Benitez was also unhealthily obsessed with us so he is at least following in a proud tradition of unhinged Liverpool managers.    Like Quote Reply Report    Reactions:cronullasharks, Naisy'sCharitableLeanings, Jonte and 4 others
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