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Timo Werner

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The boy loves talking about us and Jurgen, doesnt he?


Timo Werner has hailed Jurgen Klopp as the best coach in the world and believes he would fit in well at Liverpool.

The German has continuously been linked with a move to Anfield and the striker's comments have only added to the speculation. 

Werner spoke out after Red Bull Leipzig's Champions League victory over Spurs during the week but had more to say following today's win at Schalke.

'Jurgen Klopp is the best coach in the world,' he told Sky Germany.

'There is a lot to suggest that my style of play would suit there (Liverpool).'

This comes after the 23-year-old said he was proud of the transfer links, claiming the Reds are the best team in the world.

'I know that Liverpool is the best team at the moment in the world and when you are linked with that team it makes me very proud,' he said after his goal against Spurs.

It's a pleasure but I know that Liverpool play a lot of good players and I have to improve myself and I need to learn many more things to get to that level and to play there.'

Werner has 27 goals in all competitions for Leipzig this season and is thought to have a release clause of £51million.

However, reports have suggested that is due to expire in April meaning Liverpool and any other potential suitors would have to act quickly if they are to avoid paying a higher fee for the forward.


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Listen, Liverpool might not thank me but get the contract out, put it on the table. Let him sign it. Let him write whatever numbers he wants on there, given what he's done since he's come in. Timo's at the wheel, man. He's doing it. He's doing his thing. 

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Good man. I love this quote from his interview. Get him signed up.



Ich mag keine Bohnen auf einem englischen Frühstück. Sie haben dort keinen Platz.


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16 minutes ago, Anubis said:

Good man. I love this quote from his interview. Get him signed up.



Ich mag keine Bohnen auf einem englischen Frühstück. Sie haben dort keinen Platz.



Not sure why he's bringing slim into this.


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Can play across the front 3, blistering pace, he's 23, he wants to play for us, he has 21 goals and 7 assists in 23 games this season and he's available thanks to a release clause.


It's a no brainer. Welcome to LFC Timo.

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