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Featured: That was the week that was (Dec 15-21 2018)

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Saturday Dec 15:


Enjoyed this from Alisson: “Generally, I prefer not to celebrate too much so I can concentrate on the game and stay level-headed but the goal came at the end of the game so I could let it all out. I ran to the middle of the field and did my usual celebrations, pointing to the heavens, thanking God, and then I looked to one side and I saw Jurgen and I thought, 'What is he doing?' 


"It was a great moment and I gave him a big hug. I appreciate it wasn't the correct thing to do and he has been punished for that - but it was worth it."


It defo was worth it, and it’s funny that the players were just as amused by it as we were.


We’ve got the Mancs tomorrow, and Paul Ince was asked to select a combined LFC / Man Utd XI. He says not one United player would get in it, other than ‘maybe’ De Gea. He’s right too. I saw Neville do this the other day and he had some token losers like Bailly and Pogba in there. He even mentioned wanting to try and get Luke Shaw in there only he hasn’t played much. Fuck off, as if any of them are getting anywhere our team!! 


Being deadly serious here, they wouldn’t even get in a second XI. I’m not taking Bailly over Lovren or Matip, and that Pogba wastrel isn’t getting into any midfield that requires players to some tactical discipline and not recklessly lose the ball in dangerous areas for 90 minutes.


I know there’s always an element of bias in these things, but I don’t even think there’s a debate to be had. Name one United player other than De Gea who would have a legitimate chance at getting in our side? A while back maybe Valencia would have a shot (good player him), but he can’t even get in ahead of the other slapdick right backs they have now.


Rashford and Martial are both good players who’d fit right in but are you taking either ahead of the front three we have? Nope. Maybe a couple of them could compete for a spot on the bench, but that's it.


Meanwhile, Chris Sutton and Robbie Savage have an argument about the signing of the season. Savage says Torreira from Arsenal, Sutton said it’s Alisson. Sutton is funny as fuck, I love watching him. “Why would you have him over Alisson?” he asked. Savage responded “it’s just my opinion” and Sutton just shot him down with “well it’s wrong”. Most entertaining pundit on TV.


Sunday Dec 16: 


L 3 Man Utd 1 It’s always boss beating them (and it’s been way too long) but it’s all the more sweet when it sends up top. It wasn’t that hard though was it? I mean, I know we needed Shaq to come on to win it for us, but they’re shite and it was fairly routine in the end. There’ll be at least ten teams will give us a more stern test at Anfield this season. Shit, even Everton put up more of a fight than this. 


Shaqiri is ace, I love him. Fabinho was fucking phenomenal today too, as was Robbo (he was so good he even drew special praise from Mourinho, who rarely does anything like that). Special mention to Clyne as well for coming in cold and doing exactly what we needed him to do.


We’re just better than them in every single area of the pitch (except in goal, but the difference there now is fairly negligible) and especially in the dug out. Mourinho likes to talk about all of his trophies and belittles Klopp for not winning much, but there’s no comparison between these two. Klopp is better than him in every single aspect of management, and had he spent virtually his whole career cherry picking jobs where the deck was stacked in his favour then his trophy cabinet would be bulging too.


The gulf between us and them is now as big as it was when they were in their pomp and we were bumming around in 6th and 7th. It’s great, but there is one really significant difference in the situations. We had to play catch up despite being at a financial disadvantage, which is obviously really difficult. As shit as they are, they can just sack Mourinho and spend half a billion pound in one window. 


Doesn’t guarantee they’ll get it right, but it’s a significant edge to have. As things stand they’re a threat to nobody but themselves. So yeah, long live Mourinho.



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Excellent, as usual. Re the CL draw - there was another 'easy' option - Schalke, who are utter gash this season. We all know who got them in the draw. Same team who then got Burton in the LC draw.

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