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25 minutes ago, Tony Moanero said:

Billy McNeill and Alfredo Di Stefano. 

Di Stefano Testimonial: Real Madrid 0-1 Celtic 



Jimmy Johnstone ran them ragged that night







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    • I think he’ll be one of those players that when it clicks it clicks. That period March to April he looked really good, it’s a confidence/ sharpness issue. He’s one of these players that makes the game look very difficult as his strengths are the most difficult aspects of the game, taking the ball in tight spaces and running at people and playing the killer pass. I still have huge faith in him, as the glimpses have been there, I can’t see klopp giving up on a player he held in such high regard.
    • As per a previous post, Echo pad it out.    Government bombshell could send Liverpool Council into the abyss - and hit new Everton stadium plans   A surprise government decision to suddenly hike up the rate it costs cash-strapped local authorities to borrow money for regeneration projects will be a 'tragedy' for Liverpool Council. The council - which has been hit harder than any other city authority during the past decade of austerity - has relied heavily on the Public Works Loans Board (PWLB) for borrowing low-interest loans to use on regeneration and investment projects to try and stimulate the city's economy in the face of continued cuts. Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has used the fund to invest in purchases of assets like Everton's training ground Finch Farm and the famous Cunard building to bring in new revenue streams to an authority that has lost a staggering £436m of government funding since 2010.   Last week, without any warning, the Treasury quietly announced it was increasing the interest rate for the PWLB by an entire percentage point - meaning the typical rate for a loan will be increased from 1.8% to 2.8%. Mayor Anderson has described the move as 'the economics of a mad house' - and said it could affect all future regeneration schemes in the city.   In the city council's latest financial reports, it estimates that external borrowing by the authority is set to total a huge £890m this year - a figure projected to rise to a giant £1.308bn in four years time.   He told the ECHO: "This is a disastrous move. Many councils are like us and rely on the Public Works Loans Board to invest in our local areas and grow the economy. "In my view this just shows again what a total disconnect there is between government and local authorities - there is a total lack of understanding of what we are up against.   "Local authorities have been using these loans to make investments and raise funds during these times of austerity - to to make this harder to do is absolute madness.   "The government is intent on making councils rely on business rates and Council Tax to fund vital services in the future and so we need to grow both of these areas to make us sustainable - this decision will stop us being able to do that. It is the politics of a mad house." "It is absolutely going to stifle growth in the city." Everton fans may remember mention of the Public Works Loans Board in relation to plans for the Blues new stadium. When Mayor Anderson first suggested that the council could borrow government money to fund a large portion of the Bramley-Moore Dock project and receive a regular return - he said it would be using this facility. While it seems as though Everton are moving away from taking up the council's offer - the club's preferred method of funding the new stadium has yet to be announced.   Lib Dem Councillor Andrew Makinson said news of the sudden rise showed Liverpool Council has been taking too many risks with its borrowing. He said: "This is what happens when councils like Liverpool misuse Public Works Loans for schemes like buying up shopping centres and lending money to Billionaires.   "Playing Monopoly with public money was never something that was never going to be allowed to continue long term. "This will be a tragedy for many genuine worthwhile projects in our city and our communities will now suddenly become unaffordable." But Mayor Anderson responded and said that when it comes to Bramley-Moore Dock, any additional costs - including an increased interest rate - would be met by Everton.   He said: "With regards to Everton, if we were to be involved - we have always said that any of those extra costs would be picked up by the club." If Everton were moving away from taking up the council's borrowing offer to help fund the new stadium - news of an increased interest rate in any such deal may end any idea of local authority involvement altogether. Mayor Anderson that said where the council has borrowed from the PWLB previously - that had been done at the previous interest rate and would not be affected, but said future projects would need to be carefully looked at in the context of the shock government move.
    • Harvey seems like a little bit of a bellend. Hopefully he grows up and becomes more likeable before he plays again because my throat can't handle sustained 90 minute booing at the TV.
    • New report out that the government have up the % of the loans the council could take out for development schemes. The same pot Fat Joe was offering Everton a loan at cheap rates for the new stadium and how they bought Finch farm.    Sound likes the City might be up shit Street with his borrowing. Wonder how much regeneration will continue around the docks with the increase. Its gone up by 1%
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