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    • Evertonians love that article by David Conn.  I'm sure they all have it bookmarked on their phone to use in case of an emergency when arguing with a redshite. Also Steven Gerrard in an Everton photo.
    • Jurgen Klopp is completely at ease with his current contract situation, and believes it will all play out accordingly in good time.

      There had been some headlines emerge in the past few weeks that Klopp may take a sabbatical at the end of his current deal which runs out at the end of the 2021/2 season.

      However, speaking before the pre-season friendly encounter against former club Borussia Dortmund, the manager did not see the need to look too far into the future.  

      The Mirror reported Klopp as saying:

      “That is why a contract is important. We have enough time to make decisions in that department.

      " There is no need to do it now ,three years is really a bit early to be concerned.”

      Listening to Klopp, you hear a man who holds the club very close to his heart.

      " Everything is fine. The owners like what I do; I like what the owners are doing. I love the team, they are brilliant; Melwood is sensational.

      However he is not someone who will remain at a club just for the sake of it and risk outstaying his welcome.

      "I don’t want ever to be in a situation where people are annoyed that I am still here That’s the truth.

      "At the moment, it is 100 per cent and we will see how long that will be.

      “Whatever discussions came up - a few headlines that I saw, not a lot, that I will finish for sure in three years, that I will sign a contract and all that stuff. I have three years.

      "It is all good, all good. The age group of the boys is good; my age is good for what I have to do.

      "There is nothing to talk about. It’s strange that we talk about it three years before.”

      Speaking for a lot of Liverpool fans, lets hope it a a fair bit down the track that we start looking for a new manager.

      And when Jurgen does depart, he has a fair bit of silverware to his name as Liverpool manager.
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    • Jordan Henderson has paid tribute to the determination of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in his quest to return to full fitness and be a key member of the squad once again.

      Speaking ahead of the Reds pre-season encounter with Borussia Dortmund on Friday, the captain spoke about how much of an asset the midfielder can be during this campaign.

      The Official site reported Henderson as saying:

      "I’m quite close with him and he's a fantastic person. 

      “Off the field, last season he was a massive part behind the scenes, even though he had a really bad injury and I'm sure he will have been going through some painful times.

      "He was always positive, always happy around the team, always there to support us when we needed him. 

      He was a massive part for us off the field and this season I hope he's a massive part on the field as well.

      "I hope he can just show everybody what he’s capable of, like he did before he got injured. He's looked so strong, so good in training.

      Henderson said continuity is essential for someone in Ox's position.

      "This pre-season is important for him, just to get back to playing games regularly and to get his match fitness back. I'm sure once he does that then he’ll be flying again.

      He's like a new signing for us, he's such a fantastic player, so powerful, and he gives us something different in this team.

      "He's a massive player for us to have back. Hopefully he can just stay injury-free for a while now."

      Henderson also took time in discussing the potential change of role for Adam Lallana from a creative outlet into a deep lying midfielder.  

      It has been something that has sparked a great deal of discussion  among the fanbase about whether he has the temperament and fitness required to fulfill the role, but Henderson has no doubt that the veteran can produce the goods.

      “Ads took to that role really well in training and in the games that I've seen over the pre-season.

      “He's a fantastic footballer, so he can play anywhere on the pitch really.
        “But I think he'll give us something different in that position definitely – the way that he receives the ball, he can get out of tight situations and he can open the play up for us and start the play off really well. 

      “I’m excited to see what he can bring in that position because I think he can give us something different.

      Henderson says that Lallana will have plenty of support available from his fellow midfielders if he needs it.

      "He’s enjoying it, he's learning and improving. I've learnt that position over the last few seasons as best I can, so I'll try and help him as much as I can, as well as Fab will who does that role fantastically well.

      "But I think Adam will have his own style in that position and I'm really excited at how he can bring that style in there."

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    • They're not going to like David over this one. Doesn't take long on the thread for the  fume to change to us though or for City fans to come to their rescue  https://mobile.twitter.com/david_conn/status/1151913862482079745
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