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Chelsea (A) Premier League 29/9 Match Thread

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I think they have a real weakness on the counter that we can exploit, but we have to be very intelligent about it because they have the players and style to outclass us if we aren't careful

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8 minutes ago, Scrump said:

BT Sport coverage showing ridiculous London bias so far - hope it doesn't carry on into the game

Be thankful Carragher the twat isn't commentating.

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1 minute ago, Jennings said:

The fuck is Alisson wearing. 


Keepers should always wear green tops. 

The 70s called.


They wondered if you'd noticed they'd fucked off a while ago...

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    • I am arsed only because our owners are massive arseholes.    If we had even slightly ambitious owners it wouldn't bother me as long as Klopp was here.    In four years time we will not be able to catch them again 
    • I genuinely hate them much more than the other Mancs. They are absolutely abhorent in every sense. At least the other Mancs are an institution like us.   I mean you watch Sheffield United and you see how Wilder has put together a really good team with lads with different stories and the bond they have with their fans. He did that with fuck all money. I have admiration for them.   You know what money talks. If this was some of the older European stalwarts with pedigree like Celtic, Steau or Red Star Belgrade, UEFA would fuck them from on high for doing a tenth of what these cunts have done.   This opens the floodgates now. Clubs will spend mad money especially City. I would think FSG will be watching carefully. They have achieved success the right away on and off the field. If the goalposts are moved to where they are going to be, even with Jurgen, my feeling is that they will realise that it is going in a direction they don't like and will sell the club whilst it is high in esteem because they are not going to put their hard earned money into competing in the long term with state run clubs if there is no financial regulations.
    • I shouldn't be arsed, we are Champions and as you say shit on their money buttie. I am however arsed because they are just laughing in the face of all other clubs who bide by the rules mate. The likes of Goater* and their other ex players and their fans tweeting bollocks as if they are above the law purely down to the fact they have owners without a morale compass. If the likes of Goater just stood back for a second and realised the regime they were backing and let it sink in they might just realise that they are being stupid brain dead knobbers who can't see past their own gains. It really is just another example of why mankind is in major trouble. 
    • I see Sheffield United's Dave McGoldrick is the latest player to receive racist messages after the Chelsea game. People need to stop kidding themselves about this racist problem, it is there because England is just a toxic country led by toxic leaders, therefore these bell ends think that it is normal to abuse people purely on the fact that they aren't white. The F.A et all can hold as many Anti-Racism programmes they like, it won't make a difference until the country as a whole accepts there's a problem and it's deeply rooted in society. 
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