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Does the hate bother you?

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Who cares

Just annoys them more when i say i don't really hate X. Lets be honest City,Chelsea and Spurs want a rivalry where none really exists. Tbe closest of the three is Chelsea but thats all based on 2005-10. It was as much Rafa-Mourinho as anything else. Couldn't give two shits about them either way.



At the end of the day the only club that comes close to hatred (and i can't even be arsed to hate them) is the mancs.


Everton have been pretty much a pointless rivalry since i was a kid. Im 35 so wasn't around when tbey had a genuine threat. The only time since then they have been a threat is if we have had a shit season.

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I posted this in another thread, rankings of how much each prem team is hated by fans of other clubs.







Most hated teams in the Premier League


(Club - Average of hate percentages)



Chelsea - 68.7

Man Utd - 68.1

Liverpool - 52.8

West Ham - 47.6

Arsenal - 46.2

Tottenham - 43.5

Man City - 38.7

Cardiff - 36.5

Crystal Palace - 29.7

Everton - 27.0

Watford - 24.0

Newcastle - 23.5

Wolves - 20.1

Leicester - 18.9

Southampton - 16.3

Brighton - 16.2

Fulham - 15.0

Burnley - 13.3

Bournemouth - 10.2

Huddersfield - 9.7

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Just done the survey again and the results seem to have changed slightly since that link was published.


Seems to be some mutual love between us and Huddersfield.




What all fans think


Bournemouth Most liked

Burnley 2nd

Huddersfield 3rd

Fulham 4th

Brighton 5th

Leicester 6th

Newcastle 7th

Southampton 8th

Wolves 9th

Everton 10th

MAN City 11th

Crystal Palace 12th

Watford 13th

Tottenham 14th

Liverpool 15th

Cardiff 16th

Arsenal 17th

WEST Ham 18th

MAN UTD 19th

Chelsea most disliked



What fans of other clubs think about my team


Huddersfield Like us most

Leicester 2nd

Watford 3rd

OTHER Teams 4th

Newcastle 5th

Fulham 6th

Cardiff 7th

Burnley 8th

Wolves 9th

Brighton 10th

Bournemouth 11th

WEST Ham 12th

Southampton 13th

CRYSTAL Palace 14th

Arsenal 15th

Tottenham 16th

Chelsea 17th

MAN City 18th

Everton 19th

MAN UTD Dislike us most


What fans of my team think



Huddersfield Most liked

Newcastle 2nd

Bournemouth 3rd

Burnley 4th

Brighton 5th

Leicester 6th

Fulham 7th

Wolves 8th

Southampton 9th

Watford 10th

Cardiff 11th

WEST Ham 12th

CRYSTAL Palace 13th

Arsenal 14th

Tottenham 15th

MAN City 16th

Everton 17th

Chelsea 18th

MAN UTD Most disliked

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The vitriol can be quite astounding, but in the end they hate us because seep, deep down they secretly want to be us.


From the deepest desires often comes the deadliest hate.

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To quote Jay and Silent Bob, "fuck them, fuck them up their stupid asses".

I pay no attention to what opposition knuckle draggers have to say.  Absolutely couldn't give the slightest fuck.

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Man United players were booed playing for England when they were at their peak. I wouldn't mind that happening to us to be honest.


I think the most important thing is to not take the bait when online and wind them up in return, that's if you can be arsed. Sad bastards.

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All big clubs are hated by other supporters. We really are not special in this regard. We’ve got to stop thinking the world hates us and just fucking get on with it.





And let he without hate cast the first bottle at a team coach.

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No, not like it will make the team play worse

It’s odd when Middlesbrough fan hates us and you think what’s their problem? but I have weird hatreds aswell, Aston Villa for one

Better to be hated than nobody cares about you like Everton

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Some of the stuff the hate crystallises into bothers me, pretty sick comments passed off as banter or faux moralisation parroting things they've heard on the internet.  But it alway says more about them than us. 


As PD says, engaging in it is a mug's game because they'll just bleat "always the victim" as a response.  They aren't interested in reality, just scoring points in an imaginary game.

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