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4 minutes ago, Anubis said:


Theyre gearing up to it....




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3 minutes ago
He's offsides AND it was a handball. The line is right there. Same guy that stared at a ball that was a clear goal kick and gave a corner. This stinks.


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3 minutes ago
New #1,724
These are the VAR games

friday 25 January
Arsenal v Manchester United (7.55pm GMT)
Saturday 26 January
Manchester City v Burnley (3pm GMT)
Brighton & Hove Albion v West Bromwich Albion (3pm)
Newcastle United v Watford (3pm)
Sunday 27 January
Crystal Palace v Tottenham Hotspur (4pm GMT)
Chelsea v Sheffield Wednesday (6pm GMT)
Almost like they've picked all 5 remaining members of the top 6 for VAR

Funny that

Hes right though- it is funny that


hilarious in fact!!

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