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    • I would defo start Curtis Jones today over a Keita, he is chomping at the bit whereas with Keita we might get a 5 minute cameo and that’s about it, I’m really not sold on him I know the manager has put his faith in him but for what we’ve paid for him he’s been a big disappointment.   He needs to show a lot more than he has so far this season as well because he looked really good towards the back end of last season but he hasn’t captured that form, I really want him to succeed but I’m not sure if he will in all honesty.
    • Dias is bang average, I can’t believe they are spunking £60m on him tbh. In all fairness over the last few years City have bought terribly, Rodri is fucking dogshit as well. seen cruise liners turn quicker.   £100m on Dias and Ake is comedy.
    • Burnley submitted a bid this week for Harry Wilson of around £12 million plus £4 million in add-ons and the two clubs are still in negotiations over a potential deal [@TheAthleticUK]
    • They have absolutely no shame do they, their hypocrisy is so blatant. Yet point it out and they call you bitter. 
    • I don't begrudge some of their fans a bit of entertainment and some victories. I mean it's been a wasteland of utter shite for most of those 25 years. Their only highlights have been our losses in cup finals or us nearly winning the league. More recently they've even taken to celebrating blueprints and computer renderings, I mean that's how bad it has got for them.   If we batter them twice and they steal points from our rivals then good luck to them, they can be as giddy as they like.    Their new players are in for a shock though when the orcs eventually return to Goodison to boo them on.      I have to add that now it's pretty certain that no fans will attend games until maybe even as late was March. How about their shithouse of a club return the much needed cash to their fans in one lump sum rather than in three instalments.   Their tax avoiding owner may be drinking champagne in Monaco but the fans in North Wales could do with their money back. Twat of a club that seems to not care at all about their fans. It's a disgrace they even took the whole amount as it is.    I'm shocked that the usually high moral standards they hold other clubs to has not been reflected in criticism of their own club.
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