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    • I wonder what would have happened if England had walked off last night? Would have put the FA in a bit of a pickle   Non-league Padiham FC fined for leaving pitch in protest at racist abuse   • Club fined £165 after goalkeeper taunted by fans of Congleton
      • FA-convened panel fined Congleton £160 for alleged abuse   A team who left the pitch in protest at racist abuse have been fined by an independent panel convened by the Football Association for taking a stand on behalf of their player. Padiham FC of the North West Counties Football League walked off during a match against Congleton Town last October in response to racist insults from members of the crowd directed at Padiham’s goalkeeper, the former Burnley youth player Tony Aghayere. The matter was initially dealt with by the Lancashire and Cheshire Football Associations, before being handed on to an independent regulatory commission convened under FA rules.   Both clubs were charged under FA rule E20, which relates to a club’s responsibility to control players, officials and spectators. Padiham were fined £165 for abandoning the match. Congleton, whose spectators were apparently responsible for the alleged racist abuse, were fined £160. The incident was brought to wider notice this week by Padiham’s chairman, Shaun Astin, who linked the club’s fine to recent high-profile cases of racist abuse. Astin tweeted: “I am a chairman of a non-league club. We decided to take our players off in a game, because our goalkeeper was being racially abused. We were fined £165, the offending club were fined £160. Where is the justice there.” The Burnley Express also reported comments from Padiham’s then co‑manager Liam Smith, who said he was “flabbergasted” by the “spineless” decision to impose a fine for leaving the pitch in those circumstances. “I was alerted to the fact that Tony had been receiving some abuse and I immediately said to the linesman that I wanted to speak to the referee as soon as possible,” Smith is quoted as saying. “I told him that one of our players had been racially abused and that I would be taking the players off the pitch.   “We wanted to present a united front, so all the players were together in walking off the pitch. I don’t regret my actions one bit; I’d do it again tomorrow and I’d encourage anyone else who finds themselves in that position, God forbid, to do the same.   “I want to say thanks to Congleton Town and their players. When they realised why we were coming off the pitch they understood and spoke to me about it all afterwards and the club reported it to the police. They showed their class.” At the time Congleton confirmed they had reported the matter to the police and said: “The club takes this matter very seriously and is committed to working with the league on this matter.”   https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/apr/10/padliham-congleton-non-league-fined-leaving-pitch-racist-abuse-fans
    • Barney Ronay had an excellent piece yesterday that touches on a few things in this post.   The Orwell quote he uses is pretty apt: “There is almost no kind of outrage,” George Orwell wrote in his Notes on Nationalism, “which does not change its moral colour when it is committed by ‘our’ side.”   https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2019/oct/14/england-racism-euro-qualifiers-barney-ronay
    • He will have learned his lesson. Probably scared the shit out the stupid fucker all this furore.
    • Bang on.   I've seen the England scum first hand too . It beggars belief how most of them manage to walk erect.
    • Cos if you know your history its enough to make your heart goe woe.
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