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    • Is it always pissing it down in Leicester? Yes. Yes it is. Sheffield and Doncaster have had flooding but it wouldn't surprise me if Leicester has recorded more rainfall over that period.   Your mum's quoted about Tom Davies is brilliant. I reckon he should go the whole hog and grow dreadlocks so he can complete the "drinks wheatgrass juice, eats alfalfa burgers and stinks of weed" look. Like that Ethan Ampadu jabroni at Chelsea.   Speaking of shit haircuts, what about Declan Rice and his Lloyd Christmas do?   I made the argument recently for a player's standing foot being the decisive indicator for VAR offside calls. It's a far better suggestion than trying to identify whose toenail is furthest forward or whose left pube is sticking out more. Mind you, the VAR officials still need to understand what a vertical line actually is.
    • They should rename their website to Blue Feeewm
    • This week’s round up will be like the semi-final stages of the Champions League - a Man City free-zone. We played them on Sunday so that was covered in the match report. All the fall out from it - and there's a lot - will be in “the week that was” due to be posted up at the weekend, so this will cover all the other games.   May as well kick things off with the two sides who are now the closest of the chasing pack. First up, Chelsea beat Palace in the early game to temporarily go second.   Kevin Abraham broke the deadlock in the second half with a composed finish and Pulisic wrapped it up late on to give Chelsea six league wins on the spin. They haven’t played anyone decent in those six games, but you still have to win and they have.   Pulisic is looking really good now and Lampard has introduced another youngster into the side, Reece James, who  was terrific and completely shut down Wilf Zaha. He probably shouldn’t be allowed to play again until he’s been the barbers though. Dreadful state of affairs that. It looks like a tarantula orgy.     James’ hairstyle apart, Chelsea are looking good and next up they’ve got a certain side who I’m not talking about, which could be a cracker of a game. Defensively they’re suspect but they’re great going forward and their style is attractive to watch. If they get it right tactically and that’s going to be interesting.   Palace were shite, because Palace are shite. Been saying it all season, but it’s only a matter of time until they’re in the bottom six.   Chelsea’s stint in second spot was short lived as Leicester rolled over Arsenal to leapfrog them. Arsenal losing again was no surprise though. It was away and they travel about as well as BA Baracus, plus Leicester are much better than them. Throw in the fact they were up against Jamie Vardy, a man who has embarrassed the Gunners in recent years almost as frequently as Arsenal Fan TV, and there was nothing down for them really.   Leicester smacked them around and it was far easier than the 2-0 score suggested. Arsenal only had one shot I think. They were pitiful. They were lucky not to concede an early pen when Guendouzi grabbed Soyuncu by the shoulder as he attacked a set-piece. VAR didn’t over-rule the ref on that, which again just makes you wonder what’s going on. It’s 100% a penalty and it deserved to be punished for sheer stupidity alone. How are they not giving that?   Maybe they were influence by the likelihood that Soyuncu wasn’t even going to reach the ball, but that makes what Guendouzi did even worse. How thick do you need to be to do that? That incident was Arsenal in a fucking nutshell though. They do shit like this every week. If it’s not Xhaka it’s David Luiz. If it’s not David Luiz it’s Guendouzi. Next week it will be Torreira or Bellerin or Kolasinic or Mustafi. They must have the thickest squad of players in the league. Absolutely no discipline whatsoever.     This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article   Please note that PL Round Ups are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here. 
    • The game is in Riyadh. That bench will already be warm!
    • I can recall being proud of our players being selected. Those days are long gone. 
      . Partly political as I don’t want any association with Brexit flag waving Xenophobes and partly because the players are exploited as fund raisers for the FA and regularly injured in the process   would support a Great Britain team but brand “ Ingurland” is poisonous 
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