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    • John Henry and FSG run a very tight financial ship. I definitely agree that we should spend in order to not stand still. We actually don't need to spend huge amounts, but to spend nothing especially while our rivals spend like drunken sailors is a mistake imo.    I do think Jurgen has a say and if he wanted to spend 50 or 60 million on a player, I have no doubt he would get the thumbs up from them. I think Jurgen will use the next few games to blood in Minamino, Williams and Jones with a view to them being ready for next season.
    • Fuck em they could spend what the liked last year the year before and the year before that and we still won the league . Last season they won a treble and no one gave a fuck hence why they get so upset over all things LFC and it will be the same if they win another one next month...Sorry the only ones who will give a shit are their (“new”) fans and Evertonians 
    • I think there was a point a few years back where abromvich changed some of his loans in to equity (even though he already owned 100% of Chelsea) to allow them not to sustain loss and debt issues with ffp. So while Chelsea still owe him loads, I'm pretty sure a chunk has effectively been written off.  I was in the car earlier, about half an hour after the news broke, but I didn't know what had happened to put talksport on to find out. Jim white was saying someone from their board (don't recall the name) had called them and said there is no celebration at city, just humility. Fucking twats. Anyone who calls themselves humble, the mind boggles.    As for the ruling, I'm shocked about the 5 year rule. Standard practice in law is this only applies if you've failed to act on information you had isn't it? So for example, when I do my company or personal tax returns, I think there's a 7 year limit on both and by law I am required to only keep records for 7 years unless otherwise questioned by the revenue. However, if they send me one letter that says they have questions about that return, the 7 year law does not apply. Then even if they don't, but subsequently find the information on my returns was incorrect, the 7 year rule is thrown out too. So time limitations are dependent on you being truthful on your return, if they're fraudulent, you lose that protection. Surely uefa are not so stupid not to have that built into their governing laws? Honestly, uefa want properly fucking if ffp regs were allowed such an easy escape and want double fucking for pursuing this in light of the 5 year limitation.    As for moaning about fsg in light of this, I can't stand them, but have no issue or expectation of them breaking ffp. It's not sustainable to keep investing year after year. It'd be handy if they didn't hoard cash like fucking Scrooge and allowed us to buy the odd player without having to flog one 1st. Or maybe got their fucking fingers out and finished the ground which isn't even included in ffp calculations. 
    • Gomez has had a few iffy games at centre back since coming back .. but those are the first iffy games I can really remember him having in the position ever. Right back, yes, but at centre back he’s generally been a rock and our best results have been with him there. I’d be amazed to be honest if there’s another centre back out there available at a reasonable price who is as good as him (esp given age)
    • Ardja has a massive hard on for Lovren that says enough, probably has a whatsapp group too and sniffs stripes as wide as the Mersey thinking of the best CB in the world for this reason I'd rather we sold him.
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