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    • 4 replies? Avinafuckinlaff? To busy arguing
    • I don't think that's true at all. We used to have one way to play, but for 2 seasons our ability to control the pace of games has been second to none. In fact I would say tactically we've evolved year on year since klopp has arrived, that was our big leap forward after kiev. Hahaha. I can't see coutinho going there unless they're making him the best paid player in the league.
    • City and psgs owners are 100% here for the money, it's just indirect as it's the cheapest way they can make their abhorrent states appear acceptable to the west and get people flocking there.    As for fsg, I'm under no illusions we're stuck with them until they choose not to be here. However that doesn't mean we should give them an easy ride. We absolutely shouldn't. We should make it as difficult as possible for them to take the piss. They spend a lot of marketing money on the back of the 12th man at the stadium and how as a club and fanbase we're somehow different to everyone else, how we some how have a different emotional attachment than fans of other clubs. Well if they want to trade on that, we should at least make them make some sort of an effort to adhere to these supposed values.    I start getting involved on this thread over the last few pages because someone posted about the fans who are calling for "fsg out". I personally don't believe those fans exist, not anyone I've seen on here, I've certainly not hear any in the ground. It doesn't mean though while they're here we can't expect them.to try and be the best possible owners we could have. We should expect that and it would be still true if we were bought out by whoever is jammy enough to have a couple of billion down the back of the sofa. There's an area that between black and white and I genuinely find it astonishing anyone occupies the white ground and feels the need to be a fan boy of a bunch of hedgefunders. I'm not coming across anyone who occupies what black ground and believes we need to be rid of them at all costs, because we simply don't and any commonsense says we could easily end up with worse as Newcastle might be about to find out. 
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