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World Cup 2018 Round Up (Days 14-15)

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Germany failed to grab the lifeline given to them by Toni Kroos against Sweden and they flopped out of the tournament with an embarrassing loss to South Korea.


I didn’t want Germany out so soon but the longer this game went on the more obvious it became that they deserved to be sent packing. In the end I was almost glad they were out, not because it gave me any joy, but because they were so inept they had no business going through.
They’ve been wide open in every game they’ve played and the only thing that spared them from being humiliated was how wasteful their opponents have been on the counter. Watching the South Koreans squander break after break after break was doing my fucking head in. The Reds would beat this Germany side 10-0. 


You’d almost accept being so wide open if you were creating chances at the other end, but Germany were just so ponderous and predictable. The more I watched them the more staggering it became that Leroy Sane was left out of the squad. And the more I watch Julian Brandt the more I can’t believe he isn’t starting. He’s looked dynamite every time he’s come on but Low keeps picking losers like Ozil and Draxler. 


Then there’s Timo Werner. What a flop he’s been. Fucking bad ‘Captain Tryhard’ him. Loads of endeavour but very little guile. He’s like a quicker Dirk only without the goals. 


They were just a complete shambles but as shite as they were they had their chances to win it before their stoppage time implosion. VAR proved to be their undoing but a draw was no good to them anyway. Still, without VAR they’d have had six minutes of injury time to get the winner so that decision was crucial.
I'm not a fan of it overall but it does have its uses and on occasions like this it has proved to be invaluable. It was impossible for the ref and linesman to have seen that the ball had come off Kroos, so without VAR that goal doesn’t stand. 


What happened after that did my head in. What the fuck was Manuel Neuer doing, and more to the point, who the fuck does he think he is? What a fucking tool. Keepers going up for corners at the death is fine, but taking yourself upfield in open play? What’s the point? Him doing that means someone else has to stay back to cover, so essentially he’s saying he’s a better outfielder than some of his team-mates. Ok mate. 


Seeing that soft cunt fannying around near the Korean box did my head in so I was made up when he got caught out and Son scored. Germany’s entire World Cup experience has been a train wreck and most un-Germany like. That was a fitting way for them to be sent packing. 


I spoke to my Dad after the game. “What do you make of Germany going out then?” “That's what they want you to think. I’m still not writing them off”.
Ok, not really, but I bet that's what he's thinking. 


Wenger is the favourite to succeed ol’ Bogey Love. And with that, Germany will complete their full transformation into Arsenal. 


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