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World Cup 2018 Round Up (Days 7-10)

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I’m sure you’ll be glad to know things are back to normal and there’ll be no more rooting for Ronaldo and cheering his goals from me. To my relief I now know for certain that it was purely 'a Sergio Ramos thing’ because I was back to cursing Ronaldo when he put Portugal ahead against Morocco. 
That turned out to be the only goal of the game as Portugal did what they did in the last Euros - played shite but stole a win. So tedious and given some of the players they have it’s almost inexcusable. They’re fucking shite but they never seem to lose. Really can’t be doing with them though and they better not win the damn thing. I don’t think they will, but then I didn’t think they’d win the Euros either. Boring bastards. 
Morocco were comfortably the better side but they didn’t have a cutting edge and that was the difference. Put Ronaldo in their team and they’d probably have won 3-0. They played well but they’re out now, having lost both games and failed to score a goal, unless you count the one they stuck in their own net against Iran. 
Without doubt the best bit of this game was Pepe’s outrageous shithousery after being tapped on the shoulder. This man has no shame at all. He knows the world is watching but he gives no fucks whatsoever. If you’re an opponent what the hell do you do about someone like that? You’d want to kill him. I honestly don’t know how he’s survived this long. 
The thing is though, it would be so easy to stamp this out yet there’s clearly no inclination by anybody to do it. If a player goes down holding their face when they haven’t been hit in the face, just ban them for five games. Simple. They’ll soon stop it. We’ve got the technology to completely eradicate this so fucking use it. This is defo worse than diving for a penalty as the sole purpose of anyone doing this is to try and get an opponent sent off. 
Speaking of diving for penalties though, Ronaldo embarrassed himself with a bad one. The dive was pathetic enough but then he made a TV gesture demanding VAR. Probably just wanted to catch a look at himself on the big screen, the vain twat. 
Uruguay also stunk it up in the second game of the day. That was a dreadful display against Saudi Arabia but just like Portugal they got an early goal and then shut it down. Boring to watch but they won’t care. Suarez scored on his 100th cap but otherwise was shite again. I never watch Barcelona so I’ve seen very little of him since he left, but he doesn’t quite look the same player to me and seems to be carrying a few more pounds than normal too, but it might just be that kit. It's not very flattering like. 
That result sealed Egypt’s fate which means Mo will get a decent rest before pre-season. No-one will want to face Uruguay with that defence and the front two though. Based on their opening two games, no-one will want to watch them either. Almost as dull as Portugal. Almost, but not quite. 
The night game also finished 1-0 and wasn’t great, and yet I was really into this one. It was fantastic seeing Spain get some of their own medicine and I was rooting hard for Iran. I thought they were fucking great. I especially loved the shithousery of the the first half, beating Spain’s cheating bastards at their own game. The keeper hitting the deck after Costa stood on his toe was glorious. Seeing Costa gesticulating at him and complaining to the ref was hilarious. Like seeing a playground bully getting decked by a nerd. Round of applause for that keeper. Bravo sir. 
I mentioned after Spain’s first game what a fucking hypocrite Pique was for complaining about Ronaldo diving, and seeing Ramos, Busquets and Costa all in the refs ear at half time, bitching about Iran’s playacting and time wasting was further evidence of Spanish double standards. Fuck Spain, I’ve changed my mind now about wanting France to fail more than anyone else. It’s Spain, get them cunts out ASAP. If they play France, then Vive Le France and Allez Pogba. 
Iran though, love them. They’re my boys now, I’m all in on them knocking out Portugal in their next game. Imagine. What? It could happen. Spain are better than Portugal and my boys ran them close, so why not? 
They were only beaten by a complete fluke from Costa but other than that they defended like heroes and when they went forward they played some really nice stuff in tight spaces. They had a few chances too but it just wasn’t their night. It would have been great if the offside goal had stood but it was the correct decision and we can’t blame VAR for that as it was the linesman who disallowed it. 
What the fuck was that throw in at the end all about though? I’m not sure what annoyed me most, that he even attempted that stupid forward roll thing in the first place, or that he did it and then didn’t see it through. He wasted about 30 seconds thinking that over, and by the time he took a normal throw in the final whistle went. In terms of boneheaded moments, that’s right up there with the Tunisian centre half dribbling the ball out for a stoppage time corner against England. 

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I read this bit...



... in the computerised voice of PB15’s epic rant video clip.


"Die-ving lee-tul pree-ning sheet-hows"

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What did your dad make of the Germany result, Dave?


Haven't spoken to him about it. Don't need to. I know exactly what he'll have said to my mum when that goal went in. "You can never write off those Germans".


The only thing that will have pleased him more is his boy Shaqiri scoring the night before.

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"Maybe it’s just me, it could be that I’m spoiled by watching the Reds. Maybe these games are alright and only seem dull because of how entertaining our games are?"


A lot of the early games were dull but games 2 & 3 have been livelier in general.  The VAR delays don't help - you can nip out of the room, get a beer from the fridge and neck some of it before you find out whether there's been a goal or a penalty - or not. 

And all that VAR time doesn't seem to get added on........... 

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