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Actor Role Re-casting

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Bromhead and Chard in my favourite Zulu played by Kay and McGuiness.


Kay - Bull Buffalo? Bull..........Buffalo?


PM - Dinkdankdiddly ding dang do.....


I would have been rooting for the Zulus.

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If we're talking moving an actor back and forward in time for a role, a young Kirk Douglas would've put in as good a performance in Cuckoo's Nest as Nicholson, maybe even better. Nicholson would've made a great Jordan Belfort. Daniel Day Lewis in Last Temptation of Christ. Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson in Kill Bill. A young Mel Gibson in Max Max Fury road. 


If we're talking strictly recasting... Christian Slater was the wrong casting for True Romance. One of the ones that really bugs me - and it shouldn't because it's inconsequential - is Mike Myers as the General in Inglorious Bastards. It just pisses me off because it's a really pivotal scene in the movie that explains the objective of the mission to the audience and all they're thinking about is "that's Austin Powers". Not to mention his awful English accent.

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Tom Watt was the original choice to play Lieutenant James Dempsey but he was unavailable, as he had just been cast as a Lofty in Eastenders. The chemistry between Watt and Glynis Barber would have been immense, in my opinion.

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You don't rate Will Smith?

He's not bad in dramas but he's crap in action films and is far too animated to play a mysterious, stoic character like Neo.

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