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Featured: That was the week that was (Mar 3-9 2018)

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Mar 3… 
L 2 Newcastle 0 A nice, encouraging win this. Never got going, very sloppy at times but still won without any hint of drama. Newcastle had one chance (if you can call a shot from 20 yards a ‘chance’), which was superbly kept out by Karius. Aside from that, they offered nothing because 1) they’re shit and 2) Rafa. He often plays like this when he has the stronger team, so he’s hardly going to do anything else when his players are completely over-matched. 
I really hope they go down because their fans are dickheads. I’ll always remember them taunting us about Hicks and Gillett and even today they were giving it the full anti-scouse repertoire even after most of Anfield applauded them for their anti-Ashley chants. I hope the ‘fat cockney bastard’ runs them into the fucking ground. 
Also today, for the first time in the Premier League under Dyche, Burnley won after conceding the first goal, and the travelling Blues were absolutely fuming with Fat Sam. “Fat greedy bastard” and “fuck off Sam Allardyce” rang out from the away end. I’ve had a look at their fixtures and although they seem safe at the moment, they have Brighton and Stoke next, followed by City and us. 
If they were to lose the next two they’ll find themselves right in the shit for the last five games. I’d even be willing to allow Newcastle to survive if it sent the Blues down. We need Brighton and Stoke to do the business in the next couple of games though, and then it’s game on. 
Mar 4… 
Just what the fuck were Chelsea doing today? That clip where their players were all literally just stood still in their positions like it was a training drill walk through is just incredible. I’ve never seen that before, it’s hard to believe that could actually happen at this level, especially as they were losing at the time. 
Conte saw his arse when he heard about the criticism he’d taken on Sky by Neville and Redknapp, and he called them both ‘stupid’. I see both sides of this one and although Conte’s credentials are unimpeachable, there’s no getting away from it, that approach was a fucking cowardly disgrace. It's fine when the game is level, but when you're losing to have to have a go, surely?
Rafa did the same thing against City and played to keep the score down, but not only was that excusable it actually made sense because in Newcastle’s situation goal difference could be a big factor. Besides, Newcastle are fucking garbage and didn’t have the firepower to get at City.
Conte’s team are the reigning Champions. He’s could field Hazard, Morata and Willian as his front three and he’s got Kante in midfield. For them to wave a white flag like that is pitiful. Are we the only team that has the balls to go toe to toe with City? It looks like it. This is like early Mike Tyson when his opponents were beaten before they even got in the ring. Chelsea were Frank Bruno, terrified and making the sign of the cross all the way to the ring.
Imagine being Eden Hazard playing in that team. Here’s an idea. This summer we should whack in a £150m bid for Hazard. He’s not going to sign a new contract there and neither Real or Barca can afford him. We need a fourth forward so we have a top quality rotation and there isn’t a massive drop off when one of the front three are rested (at the moment the drop off is fucking massive). 
He’d love playing our style of football and it’s not like we need to buy six players this summer. I mean what do we need? A keeper, a replacement for Can and another forward. So do what it takes to get Can to re-sign and if Karius continues like this then just blow the whole budget on Hazard. Imagine how scary we’d be if we added him to what we have. Yeah yeah I know, who am I kidding. That's two paragraphs of all of our lives we'll never get back. 
In other news, Arsenal lost again. They’re just a complete dumpster fire now and Arsenal Fan TV was gold tonight. I apologise for posting another one of their videos but I can’t help myself. You need to watch this clip of Troopz ranting about how none of his critics would survive ‘in his ‘hood’ as it’s just hilarious. (from about 4:40 onwards)


If Arsenal ever get their act together I’m really going to miss watching the likes of Claude, Troopz and DT.  


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Eerily prophetic about the Man Utd match.


I couldn't believe the City Chelsea match either. The chelsea players looked totally uninvolved. Hopefully Hazard leaves in the summer. 

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Watching that video was painful, blood. Sure as hell, never going down his hood.

The self-control of the interviewer is amazing when everyone else is pissing their sides, blood!

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