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Pictures of Footballing Greats

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This was in the first Shoot! I ever bought over the counter in 1974 - I'd been given a few others prior to that.







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On 24/02/2018 at 05:01, Trumo said:

Giuseppe Bergomi. He got his nickname "Lo Zio" ("Uncle") because he looked this old when he was still 18.



First thing I noticed was the sponsor, and I'm thinking that's what he used to tell refs. He just looks a hard fucker doesn't he.  If I saw him lining up against me, I reckon I'd just pretend to pull something in the warm up.

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Bobby Lennox.jpg


My hero when I was a boy as he was born in my home town od Saltcoats in Ayrshire. He was the only one of the Lisbon Lions who was not born within 30 Miles of Parkhead ( it's 37 miles). He finally got a statue in his home town last year.

Still has his bar "Bobbys Bar" in the town.


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