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    • My ol fella said there’s been more scouts at games watching him than away fans. 
    • We had Owen, Fowler, Heskey and Litmanen for 2 spots. 
        There’s no way we can’t find a fourth attacker good enough to rotate with the front 3. 
    • I read something earlier in the season saying we've had somebody present watching him at every single game he's played for Leeds. Don't know if it's true or not like, but there's obviously some interest there.
    • Can certainly see that, mate. I think the issue is one of where we are blessed with depth and where we aren’t, though. In the wide forward positions we aren’t just short of the same quality in reserve, we lose our entire attacking shape and the overall cutting edge of the team.
        I’d like to see Trent tried in right midfield if Mo and Sadio were available. When they’re not, I’d keep the midfield as is and try to mitigate the huge drop-off we experience as we recycle the same old tired options in their place. Especially Mo.   I actually think Minamino could come to be seen as an incredibly astute signing at £6M if he’s used as Bobby’s back-up and apprentice. That’s what he is in reality. Keep shoehorning him into the right forward position when Mo’s out and we risk squandering it. It’s ironically what Brendan did with Bobby when he got here.
    • Well naturally it's some of our biggest transfers, the market has been mental for most of that period. All clubs are spending money, Bournemouth in that period managed 20m for solanke for example and to counter balance that, we've also had some of our biggest sales in that period, sakho 26m, benteke 32m, coutinho 140m, it's just the price of the market. Gone are the days of signing the best player in the world for 440k.   All I am trying to say is there seems to be an idea once you're good, it's impossible to find players to improve on it. The history of football and especially the dominance shown by ourselves and man united for the best part of 40 years would show otherwise. The way you keep your team at the top is having the ability to identify players who will challenge your existing players. Sometimes when you sign players it's not just the benefit you get from that new player coming in, but the push it gives the player in possession of the shirt. The moment in any sport you begin to think you've cracked it and there's nothing can be done to improve is the moment you start the decline. 
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