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    • Ok - this really is my last post .. what a stupid comment. We were in the lead having absolutely blasted Atletico up until Adrian's mistake. To be honest I stopped reading after this its so ridiculous. The idea that the 'whole team' was at fault ... I mean OK, cool.
    • Bolded is the important part. To his credit, you have a Super League penalty shootout. To his detriment, I would place two howlers within a week that were absolutely pivotal (by far the most pivotal - I'd be really interested to hear who you think played that was more at fault) to bombing us out of the two most esteemed competitions other than the League. Add to that the howler against Southampton for Ings' goal, add to that the weak hands for Madisson's goal at Leicester .. All this in, what, 18 appearances in all competitions where we're typically registering 65% possession and hardly conceding a shot on target? I mean we conceded 6 shots on target in the whole of that Atletico game, half of which flew through him .. do the math ..   No point continuing the conversation beyond this point - if you review those facts & conclude he's a player deserving of sympathy / even praise for the sheer coincidence of being in goal for the next couple of games to reap the rewards his colleagues earned .. well, that's your prerogative ...  
    • Sympathy.  Scapegoatery.  Comme si comme ça.   Klopp was happy to go out of the FA Cup in the Third Round - so I'm not going to jump up and down about a boob in the Chelsea tie.   As for Athletico, the whole team collapsed in the last 20 minutes (the defending on their second goal, for example) - we were cooked, and we were probably never going to climb the mountain of 3 successive CL finals... not on top of our incessantly brilliant League form.   So, if you're putting that down to an Adrian mistake, so be it, mate.  That's one way of looking at it, for sure.   I think all "top flight" footballers are ridiculously, outrageously and unnecessarily over-paid... even Virgil.   And that especially hits home at a time like this.   If you want to single out the "deep negative impact' of a stand-in goalie, fair play to you.              
    • ITV are going to show every game from Euro 96 this summer. 
    • Yup, exactly, you got it. Players earn respect. Players earn the right to make mistakes. That's why Steve Gerrard is an absolute icon and the Chelsea slip is a mere after-thought in the context of his entire Liverpool career.   There's no subext other than a statement that he is a handsomely employed footballer whose foolishness/incompetence cost his team-mates the opportunity to progress and make the level of historic achievements his colleagues deserve and doesn't deserve sympathy for it. No more, no less.
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