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Great actor/actress pairings?

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Certain actors bounce off each other and build a great rapport, McConaughey and Harrelson in True Detective immediately springs to mind as does Mel Gibson/Danny Glover in the Lethal Weapon movies.

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Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan are brilliant together in Wedding Crashers and The Internship. 


Rocky and Mickey, Apollo, Paulie. 


Clint Eastwood and Clyde in Every Which Way But Loose 

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Guest Pistonbroke

I thought Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson was a very good pairing in 'The Bucket List.' Pity they haven't done anything else together where they take the main roles as a pair. 

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Thought Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth worked off each other perfectly in Thor


Going with a actor/director combo too


John Woo and Chow Yun Fat

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    • Alternatively, bad injuries, key players lack of form and players being played out of position has led to disjointed performances, the performances have led to poorer results and the that has meant drops in confidence? 
      I’m sure it makes sense, but I’m sure I quite follow that.   We buy a new centre back or two - say Konaté and White. 
        Gini needs replacing. I read last night we like Neuhaus from Monchengladbach last night. 
        Yep, replace Origi. Somebody, anybody would do. 

      If Ox or Shaq were to leave we have Elliot coming back, maybe Minamino if we can see this Southampton version (although I wouldn’t be on it...). I’d assume Jones would get more time as well.    I only see 3/4 signings there.
        I know we all think we’re a bit threadbare at the moment because of who’s not available, but in general, we have a really strong squad with more than 2 capable players for each position. 
    • Mouthy little shit is telling Lebron James to stop speaking out on black issues and to concentrate on sport. Lebron fired off a salvo back, but missed the chance to tell Zlatan to keep his nose out of his business.
    • I’ve watched his Rangers team a few times recently and though they’re pretty limited, he’s definitely got them playing good front foot football, with the team playing a high press to a good standard.
        Rodgers has enhanced his reputation more from his work at Leicester than he did with what he achieved at Celtic. I think Stevie needs to do likewise before most Liverpool fans would be happy to see him given a chance here. As well as the teams you’ve listed, I’d add West Ham once they get fed up with the organised but ambition-less stuff Moyes favours. Also if he went to Newcastle it would surely have to be under different owners as it’s just too toxic with Ashley involved. If he could replicate the work Rodgers has done with any of those teams it would assuage the doubts of plenty.
    • I think the throw in coach was a great success. We more or less stopped letting in goals right after our own throw ins inside our own half. I rather like that.   It has reoccured to some extent this season, but that’s mainly due to all the changes in personnel I would believe.
    • Agree with this, a good summary of what we should aim for. And two of those ‘another’ players would need to be top class imo. The CB and the attacking player. If we manage that, and add some good youngsters in addition I’ll be fine with that. 
        Ideally we’d sell Matip, Keita and Ox as well, and replace them with players in the age bracket 20-24, good enough to be an option and with potential to be regulars. But I dont think it’s realistic to do all of that in one window, as you say it depends not least on offers. 
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